Beekeeping For Beginners and Beekeeping Basics

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Beekeeping for Beginners and beekeeping basics. I am pretty proud of some of the hive footage we managed to get on film, you might want to turn on the high definition option on this story. We also talk about winter beekeeping, beekeeping protective clothing and beekeeping supplies. We dive in much deeper into beekeeping suits and show you the benefits of beekeeping.

Don’t forget there is also a closed caption option you can turn on if you need it to understand my southern accent :)

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Richard says:

I have a question, I have been thinking about getting into bee keeping and was wondering if it is possible or feasible to have a small hive in a large green house in the slow growth months such as July and Aug.? I am currently in Colorado however, I am planning to move back down to Fla soon and will start up down there.

Bagilz says:

I have a lot of respect for them, but porcfest can easily be misconstrued

Darling Stuff says:

Prop olis..:) good vids thank you

Chris Foss says:

I want to get in to bee keeping, but I live in town in apartment but I do have  a buddy with his own land and was thinking about setting up there. Is there laws that have t be flowed when keeping bees or is it ok for me to just set up shop anywhere?

ShinyArjun Singh says:

Nice one, Subscribed. Please keep'em comin…

manchestersboy says:

The music at about 10:00 just makes me think Sjin's feed the world series.

Derek Metcalfe says:

Thanks for the info! I'm going to be looking into a colony for this spring

Serpentaria says:

Hmm.. was hoping how to learn to wear a beard of bees.

Rod Diel says:

I thank you for your video and I'm very seriously thinking about getting into this I have a great mentor that lives close and a very good spot for them and also am somewhat of a wood worker so this is right up my alley. There are to many good qualities about bees not to..When the bees are gone… people will be gone also!!

James Mattingly says:

Great Video! Thank you for sharing. I have one question. How many marked queens have you lost hives compared to unmarked queens and losses?

Jacob Kane says:

Thanks for this!

boobs says:

this makes me happy :)

Pam Jagoda says:

thank you!! this video was really helpful!

BLAZErc says:

I have a question I see most people feed bees with sugar water but if you were to use a energy drinks does the have a different effect on the bees with the gurana caffine and other ingredients

J. R. Adams says:

Thank you. I am looking to buy my own land for me and my family and beekeeping is something that is at the top of my list of things to do. This video has been very helpful and I look forward to learning more in the future.

mansour hozouri says:

that was very used full info thanks .from bc vancouver i am try to be come bee keeper..

101Cecilia says:

Requeening a captured swarm. I would've never thought of that, makes SUCH PERFECT SENSE! Did you and a mentor figure this out together?

SiCoope says:

There's a good series called ' The wonder of bees with Martha Kearney' on BBC iPlayer, if anybody's interested. The entire series is still up. There's about 5 episodes.

Dan. Rodecap says:

ok thinking about my first hive next year what's the first thing to do to get started? I think I found my location not far from a woodsy area a little semi-shade in the heat of the day

Turab International says:

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