Starting Beekeeping – Vlog Week 1 Season 1

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I am a beekeeper now and I love doing it. In this video I am showing you how I am Installing Package Bees into the Hive. These are my first hives ever. Hope you enjoy my beekeeping journey. :)

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waddac2 says:

That is fantastic. Good luck with the Bees and let us know how you get on.

Elias Leibinger says:

I Love bees

BrightBroodBritain says:

Really like this!

Carlos Patino says:

don't were gloves
after a wile the bees will get erataded of the some botherish feeling of the gloves
I've been bee keeping since 1997
I mean what I heard is that the bees will try to save the queen so.
if you can make a video if not using gloves helps you
also you can have more moving space for your fingers if any axidents happen

thanks if you do make a video about what I said
just keep it in mind
#hope you keep doing the bee vlogs

Lovro Markovinovic says:

Cause of u i will buy hive and bees and i will be beekeeper 😀 tnx

Massimiliano de pietri says:

Dear friend this is awesome! Thanks a lot! Go on!

John Joseph says:

Really liked this video! Where was your beekeeper suit and smoke?

Ionescu Bogdan says:

Keep it up.

Eve Hello :D says:

I'm sooooooo scared of bees, wasps and whatever bug thing you come up with… Like… Butterflies are terrifying.. But as long as they're on video and not close to me, they're cool… Also, I like bees and those things like ants that have a queen, because they have a good civilization. Well… A civilization where there are no problems as long as you're in your home. Please do more of these Vlogs. It's interesting.

Corliz says:

Honey here we come ! :)

TheWolf says:

but what do you do with alla the bees that are out of the beehive?

TheWolf says:

oh i am entomophobic, but i think that this coul be a cure, if done carefully. i'll watch your videos man, hope to stop getting scared by bees!

Helena Martínková says:

6:15 I thought i am going to throw up

Drawsler says:

He must be so bored hahaaaahaahhaaah

Justin Boyd says:

You don't need that many Boxes starting out take 2 of those boxes off

Ashton Todisco says:

You did every thing right

Birk Svendsen says:

what country do you live in

Alpha ƒ Bewilderbeast says:

No bees were harmed in the making of this video.

Alpha ƒ Bewilderbeast says:

What happens if you put honey in a vacuum?

Vali Varga says:

and what will happen with the others who stayed out?how could they go in ? they have a door or something?

Antreas Konstantinou says:

You aren't scared if they bite you??

Grumpy Banana says:

Putz Polymer Balls in the vacuum

Ferenc Pabar says:

dude you are awesome, you saved the world. Without the bees the life in the earth will just end

Đorđe Panić says:

My dad and I are beekeepers. We don't have to much hives, we have 40 now. I am your big fan. Can we stay in contact? We can tell you some good things about your beekeeping. Greetings from Serbia.

sSunbeamM says:

7 beautiful bees got squeezed during this setup. R.I.P. poor bees

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