Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom – Honey bees

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Ben and Holly learn all about where honey comes from. The Wise Old Elf impersonates the queen bee, and unfortunately ends up in only his underwear.

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haaaaaaa hhhhhhhhaaaaa

peppashortnose jaclsom says:

males have red lipstick females have pink magenta feshia and Violet

Isainah Johnson says:

I have a ten in. tablet

Tan Ching Hua says:

I see (((peppa pig))))

Tan Ching Hua says:

Am…. I sure it is o! I sure it's a 10 present!! But I sure not same!!!

Tan Ching Hua says:


Tan Ching Hua says:

Peppa pig? I got see that I see 1,000 and more days!!!

Tan Ching Hua says:

What??? nany plum like a miss rabbits sound??? I see that's not same!

peppashortnose jaclsom says:

Larry Fairy is hollys friends he is not fairy

peppashortnose jaclsom says:

Miss rabbit is not a real rabbit its nanny plum dressed up as miss rabbit

Julie Masters says:

The fact I have to be a good day to be a good one for you me at work on

Julie Masters says:


Derrick Noey says:

Melchior. Pppppppplpppu

Sarah Grace Cornelio says:

the voice of wise old elf is like grandpa pig voice in peppa pig!

allizandra sucha says:

I love nanny plum

allizandra sucha says:


Cody Griffiths says:

The wise old elf is weird

Ashton Boyall says:

I love Ben and pretty holly

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