Clearing Snow Off Beehives – Beekeeping 101 – GardenFork

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When raising Honeybees you need to check on the bees and the beehive during the winter. Part of our beginning beekeeping how to videos, here we check on a hive after a winter snowstorm.

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Morris Azusa Orchard says:

Great..I have been a bee keeper for many years…n love this ….

j johns says:

I can hear the queen now, flap faster you drones,I'm cold!!!!!!!! or do they kill off all the drones in the winter?

I want to get into the hobby, might do so this spring. I remember reading of an interesting way to ensure you're not overharvesting the honey, which is to harvest in the late spring, after the bees have made it through the winter and have plenty of food available – have you heard anything about that technique good or bad?

Thank you for your efforts, enjoy your channel, you guys seem happy, that's a gift.

Love2boat92 says:

Is it bad to have a lot of snow on the roof of the hive? 

Dennis O says:

Love your videos. And subscribed!!! :) Please subscribe me!!!

GardenFork says:

@f8thnjc send carhartt an email and tell them! thx, eric.

f8thnjc says:

Walking billboard for Carhart! 😉 You should be collecting some money!

boomdiddyah says:

Great video and love the song! Where/how did you find it?

russtex says:

Great video Eric!

GardenFork says:

@baddogonline it was fun to snowshoe out into the field, kinda like floating across the snow.

GardenFork says:

@MegaShaytardfan its all about the visuals, you know…

Larry Burch says:

Flap those wings Eric, LOL

baddogonline says:

Always fun and interesting stuff! :)

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