Finding Wild Honey Bees

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Bee hunting with Dr Thomas Seeley and Megan Denver.

For more information on bee hunting, check out Tom’s new book Following the Wild Bees by Princeton University Press. Here’s a link to order the book:

For more information about Tom’s upcoming talks check out

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Steve Lawson says:

Wow, what great information. Thanks for posting it!

BeeFriendlyApiary says:

Awesome video…

Matthew McMillan says:

This is delightful

Sabine Mairiedl says:

You really leave them unharmed? Then it's ok for me. I was shockend when read BEEHUNTING. Pls let the bees live the life THWY want to live.

Charlie Beyersdorf says:

Thank Megan. Loved the work you did on the video. It would be cool to find a wild tree here in Northern Wi too! Keep hunting!

Debbee Corcoran says:

Nice Megan. Looks like fun, even better with Tom Seeley by your side!

Bill Lozano says:

Makes me want to go hunting for a bee tree.

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