Honey Bee Swarm, how to recover a swarm and return the workers to the original hive

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Swarm Returns to Original Hive; I was asked by a documentary company to make a high def video of a swarm departing, the queen, the swarm in swarm mode and the arrival of the swarm at the new residence… In the process of making this video, I discovered that by re-routing the Queen, the workers will, in her absence, return to the original colony location… how NOT to lose your valuable worker bees. Learn to Raise Chickens, please follow this link: http://www.amazon.com/Regarding-Chickens-Incubation-Hatching-Brooding/dp/B000K28MI0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1427496718&sr=8-1&keywords=Regarding+Chickens

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21whichiswhich says:

Honeybees are a vital part of our planet and I admired their work ethic.

shirley murphy says:

Another fascinating and educational video!  Beautiful!

Toco bunny productions says:

Walmart on Black Friday

BurnleyFarmApiary says:

Hi Frederick, I don't normally comment on videos but I wanted to say I like many of yours. This one is very interesting and I've referred to it many time when talking to other beekeepers. It's well shot and very clear. When going after a swarm I always stop and watch for awhile before going to work. Thanks.

Research0digo says:

one last question, I promise… The bees make it ok through Pennsylvania winters? People put out sugar water for them?

Research0digo says:

13:38 – that seems like an awful lot of bees for one colony!

Research0digo says:

Boy you talk about the patience of Job!!!

Author of Regarding Chickens says:

THIS is extraordinary in virtually every possible way :) :) :)

ShyronZ says:

i think its better to mark the queen bee when youre catching it..:)

Trad Z says:

Nice trick to manipulate your departing swarm back their hive box…just hope the new queen is productive!

WildPinkSalmon says:

Great shot!

dezastruos says:

Excellent, sir!

Valken says:

I've seen some folks saying there are queen-less swarms, I think this proves otherwise…

SiCoope says:

An old Yorkshire bee keeper once told me, he used to trap the queen in a bundle of straw and do roughly the same way you did. Then when the bees gathered on the straw the would naturally release her from her straw bindle, with no need for him to uncage her.

SiCoope says:

I used to put a cardboard box above the swarm, hanging by a rope across two ladders. Because bees naturally crawl upwards, they go in the box and you move it when it's colder outside. sometimes they need a gentle nudge, but its a very easy way to move em.

William Brunjes says:

Lol there's a bumblebee at 12:59

Asmir M says:

hi i secund 0:48 I happened to se a Queen.

Saad Shihab says:

Why would you want to return them instead of letting them create a new hive?
The original hive should have a new queen and will lay eggs which in turn will create workers. Is it not good to let them create more hives? more hives = more profit for the beekeeper?

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