Honey Bees – Starting a New Season Installing Nucs – GSB S2 E1

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The 2016 Beekeeping season is officially started on the Daddykirbs Farm! The Golden Son Beekeeper and I made a drive about 3.5 hours north of us to meet a beekeeper friend to get some nuc hives. He was very kind to prepare 4 nucs for us out of his own apiary. We met in a very windy parking lot where we wrapped the hives in mesh laundry bags to keep the bees contained for the ride home. the drive was uneventful… No crazy bee swarm induced car wrecks, Yay!

When we arrived home there was still a little daylight so we worked to get some of the nucs installed. The bees were insanely angry and we were losing daylight fast so we didn’t get them all installed and certainly didn’t get very much usable video.

Most of this video was shot the next day when things were a little more calm. I hope you enjoy this time that you spend with us!

Beekeeping, as with most projects on the farm, is a journey. We are in our 5th season, but we are still very much learning how be beekeepers. This season I feel a little more confident than last season. Every time we do something new and spend money to continue this experiment I wonder if we are making a mistake. No, not a mistake for the bees. I’m glad to help be a part of the efforts to save the bees. The mistake I’m talking about is making another project on the farm. This project will take my time and my money. Over time we will have to learn to trim some of the projects on the farm so we can focus on those that make our farm productive and enjoyable. For this season… beekeeping made the cut. We are at it for another year and ramping up our efforts.


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Nate West says:

Where is your smoker?!?!

Gamingdragons says:

So many bees

CoyoteLight says:

Buy a smoker

Andrew Mckeel says:

I have a very similar hive stand setup but one problem with my tarp is trying to keep the water from puddling up too much any recommendations?

Calvin King says:

Vibration more than noise agitates bees. Having been recently rehoused into the nucs, the road vibrations from a long car ride and now dumped at a new location is a lot to ask of the bees. Then add to that another sudden rehousing, was one step too far. Give your bees time to reorient. When you were told not to delay in rehousing them, I don't think he meant the same day. He meant not to delay and get busy and not get back to it for a week or two.
Rule of thumb:
1. If you do not know what to do it is best to do nothing, (until you know). The idea is the bees know how to survive.
2. Know why you are doing something before you do it. Curiosity is generally not a good enough reason. Remember you are removing their roof and rearranging their home and work place each time you go into the hive.

I am still very impressed with the way you handle your bees.

Calvin King says:

How are last year's hives?

Will Vaysse says:

Hi guys, we are a small association, IMPACT, which gather students in order
to develop projects related to biology. This year we decided that our projects
should be connected to ecology and the world health. We are currently trying to
create a biosensor, able to detect bee’s infection by pathogens (which are
partially responsible of colony collapse disorder CCD) that take advantage of
bees deficient immunity system (thanks to the massive use of pesticide), and
would allow beekeepers to have a swift, and directed reaction. But we need
help, as scientific project are expensive. If you feel concern, or interested
in our actions, please click the link below (where you’ll find more information)
and make a donation!

 (There will be an English translation within a week)
Thank you in advance

sexymen3100 says:

what is a hive beetle?

Dale Calder says:

Nice strong looking nukes.

whatsoeverthingz says:

I'm so glad that the golden son beekeeper is back doing videos hope there's more to come!!!

Gapeys Grub says:

I'll be getting my first nuc next month. Got packages last year but getting one nuc and one package this year.

Kathryn Robles says:


Unusual Bee Works says:

Great Job! Wish you lots of luck with your bees!

yack f zay says:

Those are big health bees. They sure we'll provide a honey crop.

Luis Lopez says:

That looks Awesome to have. Love the video to get a better understanding how it goes having them…thanks for the video keep them coming:')

freakygeaktwo says:

wow they all look huge I would have a difficult time finding the queen myself. great share thank you :)

stimpy 17 says:

OK, so I have hives, now what? I don't want to sell honey and I doubt I can consume the amount 1-3 hives, what's next?

Øystein Holand says:

It lookes like you're doing a great job, Espen! :)
Great job by both of you!

Garden Novice Farm says:

I bet it takes some time to get use to a swarm of bees flying all around you.

Jeremy Connor says:

I find my smoker or brush is invaluable for getting bees out of the way of being squished. The key with the smoker is to light it from the bottom (light some then put more stuff in on top), otherwise it acts like a flame thrower and burns them. Good luck!

Jeremy Connor says:

Great work guys :)

Rob Donaldson says:

Very nice setup.. I would to someday start a few hives. Great video, thanks for sharing!

Lee Van Dyke says:

Dude I would freak out!!!! I'm so terrified of bees, even in those suits.

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