New Invention – Flow: Honey on Tap Directly From your Beehive

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It’s the beekeepers dream, turn a tap right on your beehive and watch pure fresh honey flow right out of your FLOW hive and into your Jar! No mess no fuss and the bees are hardly disturbed.

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pyro8696 says:

I'm curious. Bees extract nectar from the flowers, place it into the honeycomb, and then fan the nectar to reduce the moisture content until it becomes honey. Amazing creatures that they are, they detect when the moisture content is correct and seal the cell. How does this design keep the nectar in the cells rather than it draining immediately?

Pedro Mendoza says:

Maravilloso, saludos desde Venezuela! Wonderful , greetings from Venezuela!

Brandon Riley says:

Yass bees yass

Asaminew Wodajo says:

Wow, it is good technology but, is their hone drop limitation ???

Sandy Boyes says:

Where are we able to purchase this? And price.
many thanks

Produits Forestier Grison says:

Is that working in Quebec Canada climat ?

Alfrc Alfrc says:

Where I can get them. Can I ordered from Amazon.?

Gavno Nadoroge says:

Is anyone using this ?

Chris t says:

Perhaps they should go on shark tank, they would definitely have success then.

Jerry Mendoza says:

You have plug it in……..heat so the honey will run…….

dextroyer111 says:

Hello , I love the hive as I can make one like it ?

xsailor85 says:

Why are we not funding this?!

Marco Meile says:

Must be a joke.

Dear Hipsters, this won't work in reality.

Gloria Murphy says:

How can I get one of this Beehives?

ahmed tanko says:

hi were can i buy one from?

ezekiah ortega says:

700 for something you can make for under 200

Debbie A Anderson-Vibrational Energy says:

wow this is fantastic… honey on tap.. way to go guys… so how do I find you on Facebook? Meanwhile sharing the video :)

Shelley Hopper says:

Hey guys we are a Year 3 class in Sydney and have just watched your video as we were reading about Honey Bees. Our teacher told us about your invention because she saw it on Youtube over the holidays and told her Dad. She thought we would like the video and we did. We wish you luck in the launch of your new product. Kind Regards 3 Silver and Mrs Hopper from St Therese Mascot.

Jade Miller says:

what features have been put in place to stop pests (beetles,moths,mice etc) from getting into the hive ?

winston maraj says:

Can this work with African bees?Caribbean area.

Denis Gobbi says:

Thank you, you guys help the world becoming a better place for everyone

Out Of Place Ninja says:

But, does it leave enough honey for the bees to survive or does it take all the honey?

Annonymous User says:

How high can you stack it? Can you put 3-4 boxes on top? Will that work?

8519vlad says:

Мёд течет в банки,а пчелы где??? Брехня и развод..

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