Honey Bees preparing to SWARM swarm interrupted, swarm cells, drones

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Honey bees preparing to swarm and how I stopped them from leaving… swarm cells and drone frame removed. After locating and removing the swarm cells and drone brood, I expanded the hive and things settled down without swarming. Timely intervention is very important. Enjoy!


jojo2be1 says:

wait so do drones mate with the queen of their colony once or more then once?

like how often do drones mate with the queen?

littleninpo says:


Lauren Tindall says:

Great video. Thank you

marisina Shikiko says:

hehe…..at least they look a whole lot nicer than wasps and hornets

lucman22aa says:

Thank you sir for taking the time to record, edit and upload this wonderful high-quality footage. Your passion, patience and professionalism are truly demonstrated through your videos.

sam lyon says:

so wash boarding is a sign to a upcoming swarm?

dave lastman says:

great vid

Sky Pup says:

I LOVE your videos. They're so wonderful to watch. Thank you!

David Sanbeg says:

Great video!  Capturing the queen leaving would of sealed it.

mike smith says:

when i was a child in the 60s the bees swarmed like crazy now not so much i feed them like crazy i love bees

MsTokies says:

very good music choice with the editing and everything else.

southernexposure123 says:

Thanks for the video and the description. That's real high quality video.
I'll be watching more.

desktop4000 says:

A delicious taste of nature. Beautifully shot, awesome sound track. Thanks for 14+ minutes of the real world.

South Georgia Hydroponics says:

Was that some 4K stuff there at the end?

Top Bottom says:

excellent film work! perfect music choice! what kinda camera you shooting with?this made want my own bees

GamerNo 556 says:

can hone bees harm us?!

bobsskiff says:

Well done sir! A pleasure to watch.

LongBinh70 says:

Beautiful videography, Frederick! What part of the country are you in?

SiCoope says:

Amazing video footage. Really close up and clear.

zigero1 says:

nice close up shots, appreciate such a good quality. Could be a documentary. Thanks for sharing.

Peter Wright says:

Are they festooning at 5:25?

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