How I raise honey bees in my backyard…part 2 New frames

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We are replacing some frames that we messed up last year with some new ones. Small details make all the difference, we’re still learning on this project. Thanks for watching!


jerry prewett says:

thanks for that , don`t know if i would have know to look at that once i get mine 

thebossoftheswamp says:

I'd be in the house watching you with binoculars as you bang on that tray of bees lol.

WestonWood says:

Nice looking hive. Thanks for sharing.

Dave Wilcox Jr Outdoors says:

Very neat how it all works Aaron!  You should get lots of honey this Fall!  It will be a while here before any kind of bees are out… I only seen a few blue flies(maggot flies) out, bonus is half of my garden is now showing, another week and it will be tliller time!  Thanks for sharing!!

matthew “Chewy05zup” zupetz says:

Mmm that honey must taste super good

TimberLineNorth says:

Make a bee happy,,,,eat honey.good show Aaron.

Heith Gagnon says:

Good stuff as always buddy…How often do you check on the bees or can you harvest the honey?

Wyowilderness says:

Very interesting never seen this before! There is a lot of bee guys here but I've never seen inside of a bee box before!!!

Primal Outdoors says:

I really wanted to eat that piece of honey you gave to the kids, yummy. Cool stuff.


Kevin Burns says:

Beeeeeeeee Careful. Good job Thanks kb

Wallace Vivian says:

your young ones liked the honey. you got a few bees there


Very interesting Aaron. Good luck with all of your projects and take care.

Chuck Richards-Handmade Knives says:

Really sweet Aaron! 

William Larkham Jr (Bigland Trapper) says:

Interesting stuff, all new to me …!!

rodney newbury says:

Cool stuff!!

Coon Creek Outdoors says:

good stuff. should be happy bees from here on out

lifeinthailand says:

Fresh honey, Lucky boys.

busycando says:

Good stuff!!!

airkraft1 says:

Pretty cool dude I had no idea how bee hive frames worked It makes sense now 

Juanelo1946 says:

The replacement frames look perfect! It's amazing that the bees don't all immediately attack you when you jolt them! Fascinating stuff! Thanks for sharing!

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