Part Time Income With Hobby Beekeeping

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I can think of eight or ten ways to make money with beekeeping right off the top of my head. Some are more profitable than others but anything helps when you have the expense of a hobby that can become somewhat consuming. Some beekeeping equipment can be kind of expensive. In this video I just touch on one way to make a little part time money with beekeeping.

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brendahere says:

any hobby is a blessing when it provides something back. food and money sounds good to me….besides making friends with people that are interested in a hobby that you are.

Martin Reed says:

n ww 00 dont want your loved ones to have help each other and be blessed the ground will give a double portion ,the deserts will bloom

Smokeydabee Charles Coleman says:

How long can those cells be away from controlled environment, for that fact how long can any brood be away without a detrimental loss of temperature?Really cool of you to share this video , Once again shows that you and your family are tight with your community :)

Smokeydabee Charles Coleman says:

Too funny!!!! I have a bunch of pink paint myself because it was clearanced, lol BTW nice of you all too help her out .Like i said before, YouTube has the best mentors :)

Steve Lawson says:

At about what temperature do you start grafting?

my Creative Channel says:

wonderful work!

noillucS 33 says:

Thank you. I have learned more about keeping bees and how to split them in this video, than I have from a lot of reading and watching other videos. Also your accent is very easy to listen too. I,m a Irish woman living in England. If the video starts off with, Hi Guys, it is a real turn off, because I know someone is going to be shouting at me while I try to learn from them. I am subscribing to your channel as you don't do that. Thank you.

John Rideout says:

Good day 628DirtRooster… You mentioned $125.00 for the bees but what I was wondering is….For the box, frames. Package deal with the bees what is the average rate for it all if one does not have anything to bring in like the new frames to trade off and so on? Thank you Sir in advance.

Samantha Shaw says:

Very good video…

Marsh Prepper says:

Hi 628 Dirtrooster, do you see much intersted from people wanting 5 fram nucs this time of year (July – August) I just split my biggest hive into a nuc. When they make queen cells i plan to make about 4 more nuc splits and was thinking of selling them here in southwestern Louisiana… Any thoughts on that plan? Thanks for the video's

Michael Reynolds says:

Where do you get your gentle bees from ?, I bought some from Lebanon tn and they are very aggressive, no fun. I'm going to re queen my bees with gentle bees, Your tapes are very clear and informative thanks for taking time to put them out. You missed your calling. When you make queens do you run the bees through a queen excluder to make sure no queen. put one frame with eggs in the bottom. do you use that way? Thanks again sir.

HardwayRanch says:

You had me hanging on your every word right up until the moment you let a child interrupt you mid-sentence.  I stopped watching and began this note to let you know why.  Thanks for the effort, I'll check out your other videos.

theghostguy says:

great video thanks for posting

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