Plants That make Honey Bees Happy – Home Sweet Home

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The big move is over, the honey bees are in their final home. Now we look at the flowers that make a bee plot very productive. We Also take a look at home honey bees help the garden.
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D.D. Gamble says:

I think the plant at 7:54 is elderberry. and don't forget dandelions are the bees most important early spring source of nectar and pollen.

Don Gagnon says:

Very interesting and informative film educating viewers about a common sense, practical approach to gardening with nature, and for nature, too. . . . Already, this year, Ive seen bees nectaring wild crocuses.

Ewan Fuller says:

@David D . They collect both . The pollen is the protein and the nectar is the carbohydrates. They make the nectar into honey and store the pollen in the cells and mix some of it with the honey when they make it.

Suszanne Dozier-Briseno says:

Good video. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, etc. (solenacea family) are pollinated by bumble bees using buzz pollination or sonication. Many plants, such as those in the squash family (cucurbitaceae) and blueberries are better pollinated by the squash bees and mason bees, some of 4,000+ bees native to the United States, bees that evolved with our native plants.

The Abled Gardener says:

Fascinating information about your bees or bees period. It's like you've been sitting and watching them every day, LOL. Great info. thanks again. Kim

mohawksniper79 says:

Have you tried goldenrod honey there is research done that some people that eat honey from the plant they reacted to had help there reaction disparate.

earthgaming674 says:

I threw the thought around in my head and decided to get bees and I was not expecting the gear and hives all together to be 600$ but it is going to be worth it I can tell.
how do you get the bees to stay in the hive do they like staying in one place?

David D says:

I thought bees collect the nectar not the pollen. The pollen spreading is just a byproduct of nectar collection. 

Steve T-J says:

I learnt a lot by watching this extremely interesting video.  Thanks Luke :)

OhHowHappyGardener says:

Thanks for sharing!  Beekeeping is an interesting hobby, but my wife is allergic to bees, so more than likely I'll have to pursue that interest at our other garden LOL.  What were the entry-level costs for you?

PinkChucky15 says:

Great video! So many things I didn't know. And I would have been terrified if it was me riding in a car with thousands of bees lol :-)

asabagrendel says:

Thank you for including the botany and immunology lessons in your gardening video. Fun to watch and educational, too. Thanks!

CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY says:

Glad you made the move safely, Luke and Sindy!  I can't imagine traveling with that many bees in my car!  Also good info about the different plants that bees do and do not pollinate.  I had no idea.  What pollinates tomatoes then? You are blessed to have such a lovely property you can have a huge garden space and home for your bees!  Thanks for taking the time to bring us along on your adventure!

Aaron Monroe says:

The number one bee magnets in my garden are raspberries and in the woods blackberries…Bees are generalized pollinators meaning they will service the specialized plants better than the specialty bugs that are in exclusive or close symbiosis with said such plants because they potentially will "check" all the types of flowers looking for what suits them in the moment, where as a specialized pollinating insect does not…It just checks the ones that are by some comparison notably alike to the specific flower they require…(kinda like humans)  Easier said…Bees in general accidently pollinate a lot of flowers…Certainly there are some specialist bees which is the situation you are showing, :)  Woah! That was a lot to say, LOL Great video nice detail :)

Sonnie's Garden says:

Bee keeping is cool, I wonder if they don't like whats in your garden will they leave??

OneYardRevolution | Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening says:

I had to laugh at the image of you and Sindy in a car with thousands of bees. I don't think I could do that (I'm allergic).  Great tips on attracting bees!

dakotabob10 says:

We have silver buffalo berry out this way. It is very common in western ND. I made jelly from it last year. You don't harvest the berries until around November.

Linda Penney says:

Lovely update and thank you for sharing and have a blessed day

RLSgardener says:

What i badly need bees for is melons and pumpkins. My crop of melons this year didn't have enough pollinators =( 

Everything else really pollinates its self or does so by simply shaking the plant.

Ohh and i didnt know you would drive the bees inside your car LOL. Man that must have been nervous. Should have set up a camera in the car, i think you guys worrying the whole way would have been humerus to the viewers. Then if they did happen to escape and you guys freaked out that could have been a viral video in the making..

sarah kuhr says:

Some bees do pollinate tomatoes. We have smaller bees here and they do pollinate tomatoes.

TheBhannah says:

that is some great inspiration i hope to start a hive next year .i just bought 12 pounds of pollen from my local bee keeper and it smells like rose from all the wild rose bushes  

sha whit says:

I am loving your bee experience!

Garden Novice Farm says:

I think bee keeping is such an awesome thing!

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