Beekeeping For Beginners Honeycomb

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Beekeeping for Beginners will show you how to start your own beehive. Beekeeping is a fun and exciting hobby that’s super cheap to start.

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NewTronicFighter says:

Not the Workers lay eggs, the workers only put them in it, the queen lays them

Sohail Khan says:

yes brother , not by chance at all.

Sohail Khan says:

"Your Lord revealed to the bees: "Build dwellings in the mountains and the trees, and also in the structures which men erect. Then eat from every kind of fruit and travel the paths of your Lord, which have been made easy for you to follow." From inside them comes a drink of varying colours, containing healing for mankind. There is certainly a Sign in that for people who give thought" (chapter 16 , verses 68-69 , Quran)

koolfoolable says:

Is the queen blocked from the rest of the hive?

Chris Stillwell says:

I saw your queen.

DukeStarbuckle says:

I'm starting my first hive this Spring and I'm so excited. I think bees, and the things they do, are a fantastic example of the incredible things God has created.

Hazel Hazelton says:

Not by chance; by trial and error. :)

wood man says:

great video I am going to get in to it slowly buying a hive this year, maybe see if a hive will move into it if not buy some bees next year but I am curious I thought I saw the queen on the first rack you pulled out and it was on the second side you turned to the camera but I might be wrong thanks again

charles st. claire says:

Thay know what their doing…

BK H says:

Three years old and your video quality is still better than just about every other YouTuber!

Fitness Freek says:

Bees are very beautiful little creatures

Louis Poitras says:

Hey Wranglerstar, great videos!! love your channel!! I don't know if you've seen this or not, take a look.

Charles st.claire says:


Arctic Circle says:

The first comb you had lifted it was having to the right bottom the queen and I think you missed to notice her. Watch again the first frame.

Jonathan Knobel says:

2:40 queen on right hand side of that comb

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