Beekeeping For Beginners pt1

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Building a top bar bee have is a simple DIY project almost anyone can do for under $50. I’m excited about bee keeping. Not only will the bees help to pollinate our orchard and garden they will be very fun to watch and learn from. In part one I’ll cover how to build the main box. Part two will cover the bee hive legs, frames, and lid.
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Paul Vaughan says:

KEep the vids coming dude. Great stuff!!!!

Hyper Rainbow says:

Fancy wearing a belt and suspenders at same time

NorcraftGaming says:

possible to get all the Messure and all that? xD on a google doc? i want to make one but yeah

Kiwihouse2005 B. says:

Great instructional video. Thanks. Will be following theses instructions.

HEadshot00001234 says:

Hey Wranglerstar, where did you get that Cobra belt, looks interesting.

charles st. claire says:


Miguel Ángel Simón Fernández says:

Top bar hives are ok for very small beehives and not so cold climetes, otherwise you need a bee-house as the ones found in some parts of central Europe.. Your instructions are very welcome, however, these "tonka toy" hives are not big enough for healthy colony. Our ancestors did not consider a hive to be adult or sustainable until it was no less than 3 Langstroth supers (boxes) high. The reason is that bees use wax an honey as an insulation. Also a big and strong bee colony is very important for a good spring start. You can still do beekeeping on a string with langstroth hives and not use store bought wax foundations for your frames, just don't wire them up and install a starter strip or wax bead to help start comb building. Check Dee Lusby's organic beekeeper's group in Yahoo groups and Michael Bush's webpage both are wonderful and helping persons.

BeeTV84 says:

Nice work !!! :)

Alvin Dueck says:

I'm by no means an expert at this stuff, but I've heard a few times now in the recent past that your local honey is the best thing to fight allergies. It seems to make sense. Allergies come from the local area and so is your local honey. Support the local…

Gaetan CLIN says:

With all the information I could find on the internet and on the forum, I created and tried to improve my plans for the Kenyan hives, it's 4 or 5 years I do with beekeeping hives KTBH. In France, it begins to interest people :) if you're interested I put the plans on facebook free access to, I want you to tell me what you think?
Good Sunday!

iliana dominguez says:

I'm from the future!

Monique Lynch says:

Can you send me the supply list, along with the instructions to make the hive? I am living in Jamaica, I want to have someone make it for me

426 SUPER BEE says:

How are you liking the top bar hive, over a Langstroth Hive? I'am thinking of a long box hive, with standard deep frames. The reason is ALL THE LIFTING, TAKEN UP AND DOWN and yes it will have a screen bottom with a oil trap for SHB wax moths ect.

Bosshogg 865 says:

I'm 18 I'm looking to get into beekeeping I go out of my house everyday looking for beehives I've never found one do you have a suggestion maybe I could make a trap and put sugar water in it do you think a good idea I need help beekeeping and I know there is alot of experienced beekeepers out there if anyone has any suggestions for me just comment and tell me I figured people would know on this video

Mark Kromer says:

what os the advantage of using screws instead of nails?

Scott “Doc” Cremeens says:

Vary nice vid. my wife and I have been thinking of adding bees to are homestead and I also love the simplicity of that style hive.thanks again.

Country Living 101 says:

Thanks I really get a lot out of your videos.
my bees are going through their first winter they look like they are going to make it.
how are your bees doing.

Anisah David says:

I thank you for the video, but I heard you mention Cedar as a lumber option. I would recommend against Cedar for anything that houses insects. Its naturally repels insects due to a chemical in the wood. Not a great thing next to your brood. I'd stick with other woods instead. Just a thought… you build cedar chests because it naturally repels moths that would destroy linens and other textiles. That is the woods pros in Chest making & lining a closet, but its a CON for a beehive.

Susanne Winslow says:

Awesome video! Though it is highly not recomended to be impatient about waiting for the wood glue to set. Even with screws because it could crack, split, or reposition the wood. Glad you like to use the glue and screws ^-^ great for long term. You have a good room layout to. Wouldn't it be easier if the bees can also go through one of the sides? Well the inside slide… thing. To help with cross air flow? Because 3 holes dont seem to add up when you put/make a lid for the top. Or would that just depend on how harsh the winters are…. Hnm. What about the bees getting too cold during winter because the three holes? Normally, once you have a bee hive made, the diffacult part is keeping the bees for longer then one summer.

Susanne Winslow says:

1st thing you need "Is a garden of flowers". A plan to have some form of plants growing so they can even eat and produce any amount of honey. And you need to make sure their is water nearby

jps99 says:

Wranglestar, I'm glad you went with the top bar hive as I made the decision to go that way too next spring, as from what I've read it is more natural and easier on the bees. Your design looks well thought out and it will probably be the way I go when I start building. Thanks!

The Foxfire Learning Depot says:

1. If you insulate your hive, 3-4" or more, the bees will use less honey during the winter and be less stressed. You will then be able to keep them in the shade and not have to worry about them over heating in the summer.
2. Summer, Try drilling some entry holes near the top. It both lets the heat out and gives the bees an additional entry point. They will love it.
3. Stay tuned for yet a simpler version that allows you to still use standard honey harvesting equipment, makes for a stronger healthier hive, and only needs to be tended to about once a year, and when you do, the bees don't swarm on you.
Lots more coming soon.

parker jasmer says:

You should make a supply list

Mikael Bravin Karlsson says:

Nice colors.

Beginner Beekeeper says:

Beekeeping for Beginners Course Here

The Abled Gardener says:

I recently got a colony of bees in the old fashioned hives and like yours a lot better, actually, I'm wondering how much my bee man knows. Any hoot, I just have to say you do some of the nicest work I've ever seen, enough to rival my Dad, and I don't say that to many people. Great job Wranglerstar. OBTW, It would me sweet to have your tools. LOL. Kim, (grandma of 8)

Joshua Hartry says:

This is AWESOME! Thank you! These are the plans I will be using for my next hive for sure!

vancouverbuspilot says:

if your able to afford this hive it looks like a great idea.

Amy Thrower says:

check this out, all you have to do to collect honey from this hive is turn on the tap!

Chris R says:

"SETI satellite dish."  hahahahahahahaha

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