Beekeeping lessons: a beehive check up and maintenance with Allen the Beekeeper

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Today Allen gives us a lesson in backyard beekeeping as we peek into one of his hives and take a look at how he deals with hive beetles, incorporates feral bees, checks for a healthy queen and more. If you want to learn about beekeeping, this video is for you.

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Main 1 says:

why smash beatle and leave body inside? Encourage bees to remove it themselves?

Pine Meadows Hobby Farm A Modern Homestead says:

Thanks for the information. I am new to bee keeping. I am putting my apiary together and learning a lot from youtubers. Thanks for contributing.
Jerry of Pine Meadows Hobby Farm.

Scott Carroll says:

How long does it normally take bees to draw comb

Chris Baetz says:

Awfully rough with your girls….

David The Good says:

@ John Dough: Your google settings won't allow me to respond directly to you, so I hope you see this. I wouldn't worry about bee stings any more than I would worry about becoming deadly allergic to strawberries or anything else. Some people have propensity for allergic reaction – and I've heard that some people actually lose their sensitivity to the venom with repeated stings. I can tell you this: I've kept bees off and on for over 8 years and have only been stung a couple of times. My children play in the yard with the hives and have only gotten stung when they forget to put on shoes and step on a bee in the clover. They're truly peaceful creatures for the most part – and life is too short to worry a lot about allergies that could possibly develop. Be bold and may good things come your way.

John Dough says:

I'm thinking about becoming a bee keeper, but I am worried about my family and I becoming hyper-sensitive to bee venom and possibly having an anaphylactic reaction. I'm curious, what is your advice on that, and how do you manage or prevent it happening to your family?

crazylocha says:

Sooo many reasons why I smile! 

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