Beekeeping – Making A Split – Part One

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Taking a colony of honeybees and making a split or the start of a new colony from some of the original population can be beneficial in the Spring.


Sunshine Aquaponics says:

Learned alot off both part 1 and 2, thank you very much.

Wil Morris says:

Nice yard! Perfect shade in the cottonwoods

michael bailey says:

novice  here ; is a good informative video thanks

Dr Victor Fursov - Entomologist & Beekeeper Ukraine says:

Thank you for your interesting and good quality VIDEO stories about bees. :)

banq0o says:

excellent video!
sunshine also damage eggs and open brood so I would not suggest exposing frames to long to sun . if I may say :)

Randy Richards says:

I am doing splits right now in the month of May.

rickey desi says:

what time of year do you do this

greatgambino says:

skunks also like to eat the larvae, if they can get at them, and the bees themselves. I caught one a few years back living under my shed and raiding my hives that were on the ground. I could tell when he arrived because my bees, which were normally very mellow, became hostile and aggressive whenever I approached the hive. I raised my hives, live trapped and relocated the skunk. things went back to normal. was told opossum eat bees as well.

Randy Richards says:

Thanks! I wouldn't say I have skunk problems, but I do see skunks down at my hives now and then. As I tell the children when I visit schools for a bee talk and ask them what kind of animals do they think like honey, I ask, "What's black with a white stripe and might like honey?" They all yell at the top of their lungs, 'SKUNKS!!!"

greatgambino says:

great video! do you have any problems with skunks on the hives that were close to the ground? I am an amateur but I split my first hive last year. I didnt look for the queen or queen cells. Just made sure that each hive had a good number of bees and some cells with recently laid eggs. they both made it thru winter, but i lost most of my other hives to ccd

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