Beginning Beekeeping: Learning to Install the Nuc Hives – GSB S1 E1

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Espen, The Golden Son Beekeeper, took a road trip to meet with a beekeeper friend of mine. He has been preparing a couple of Nuc hives for us to start our season with. Alvin, the beekeeper, was so full of information! We spent over three hours in his Apiary learning as much as we could. This video was edited down to about twenty minutes and was mostly focused on those things that Espen would need to know for installing his Nuc the next day.

The next Golden Son Beekeeping episode will be of Espen installing his Nuc all on his own. I, Daddykirbs, will take the roll of camera guy :)

Thanks for watching and thank you for your encouragement!

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Dr Victor Fursov - Entomologist & Beekeeper Ukraine says:

Thank you very much for interesting Video! I enjoy it very much!
Best greetings from beekeepers! Good luck, Victor

Michael Moore says:

candler,n.c. blueridge mts. I think from what I see here I could have split that hive about 3 times easy and had a good chance they all could have there own queens .

bam hook says:

great video! keep em coming! starting out this year with bees. wish us luck.

Kevin Bijsterveld says:

thank you very much for this video. next month i will start to construct my own hive boxes and in spring will aim to start of with 10 colonies. i am fortunate enough to know a beekeeper to help me out but there is a language barrier. So this is really helping me get a head start. i'll be sure to watch the next episodes as well.

Joe Jon says:

Do you have the unedited version on line? I don't care if it is super long.

Chiefman says:

Good Video Thanks for Sharing


how many hives per acre should there be?? how far does a bee travel from the hive to get the pollen? to profit $1,000, how many hives would I need with average production?? how many hives can a person service total?  i.e. one man, 500 hives! whats the ratio? thanks!

Nathan Deneault says:

Getting my first tomorrow.  Do you have any advice?

Rob Prince says:

Very interesting, those bees seemed calm, As did you also. Wow

Aradia from homestuck says:

Haven't watch one of your videos in a while how has it been

TheBlueMeanie says:

Awesome video.  thanks!

dan Hamakua says:

Beekeeping is an extremely valuable skill to have. You have to be very knowledgable.Great video.

Patrick Meehan says:

I wish Espen my best wishes with this adventure.


That's how we roll in Texas .  Even our golf carts have a gun rack . 

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