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How to harvest honey with our improved honey extraction method in this Beekeeping 101 video. Here’s a honey harvest where we use a roller to open up the cappings of the honey frames. Subscribe to our vids here:

Honey extraction with this method is much easier than using a capping knife. Watch all our beekeeping 101, aka beginning beekeeping videos here:

Buy the roller tool here:

We are beginning beekeepers and are documenting our first years of beekeeping. We are not experts, but learning as we go.

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Arctic Circle says:

Cool nice roller uncapper tool.

missy sparkles says:

why is it that colour – black ? and ur using a half super ? its very pale honey

Mars Saberi says:

Hi Eric, this might be a super silly/obvious question but here… you removed the super with the frames to harvest the honey. do the bees mind that you've removed that super? do you have to replace that super while you're harvesting the honey? Also how long does it take from day 1, the day you install the bees into that hive, till you can harvest your first jar of honey? thank you for your awesome videos!

rimsa80 says:

Hi I've heard of that method before. One beekeeper here in Sweden said that the bees cuped cells empty because the cells don't open enough with that roller.

Navy Phil says:

I do not have an extractor so I am not sure about this, but with the honey comb being slightly angled up by the bees towards the top of the frame, would it not be better to have the top of the frame on the outside of the extractor so the angle of the honey comb helps the honey come out and does not hold a small amount of honey in it afterwards?

I am ignorant with the extractor so pardon me if I am way off.

Reel Tips says:

Your videos are actually convincing me to start the hobby. Seeing the honey harvested made me smile.
I can't stop watching your videos. :)

stuart sullenbarger says:

Thx Eric….I just learned I shouldn't be straining the honey,I'm removing all the good stuff,and the wax and the pollen will just float to the top of the jars in a few days,and I can just skim it off….FAT BEE MAN on YouTube.

stuart sullenbarger says:

Love the roller thingy…..I'm gonna get one,my hot knife tears up the combs too much….I drain my honey into a 5 gallon bucket first,then I re strain the honey through a screen then into jars…thx.

my Creative Channel says:

Congratulations for your work!

christopher lee says:

But you're losing all that bee's wax! I guess if you don't need it then fine.

Dan. Rodecap says:

so clean no cheese cloth needed?

Mitch Rushton says:

Hello, I really liked the video. I have a question about the moisture content comment you made. I believe that honey not ripe will ferment, not crystallize. Did you misspeak, or am I wrong? Thanks for the video.

TheBearded Gardener says:

Man I would love to own bees…

crowowteam says:

By the colour and the time I think is Robinia pseudoacacia or false acacia
It's our main harvest in croatia

mbforex says:

Where did you get this roller? I am in Canada.

Love2boat92 says:

Great video. Really enjoyed it. I wish I had bees. Trouble is it's just one more thing to do. lol. But it would be worth it.

Barbara Rote says:

Does the harvested honey need to be purified?

Mud Songs Beekeeping says:

I've used a heat gun to melt open the wax cappings with similar results, although the roller looks ever better. Using a space heater to warm up the honey — very nice. I'll steal that trick if you don't mind.

Janiece Simpson says:

Love you beekeeping videos. What do you think of the new flow hives?

ty salsbery says:

Can i buy some honey from you??

John Santos says:

Frames were put in backwards.  The top (fat side) should be facing out; the cells are slightly angled up.  Will extract better that way.

russtex says:

Very interesting and amazing! Always learning new things about bees and honey from you, Eric! Great video!

Smoothy says:

Please post more Beekeeping!

295viking says:

If you use a painters paint filter over a 5 gal.bucket with a spigot built in to it, you will not get any comb at all in your honey. Easy and cheap. Love your videos.

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