Keeping Bees

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A short overview of beekeeping with a discussion of the importance of honey bees as pollinators. Includes a discussion of the invention of the moveable frame hive and the life cycle of the honey bee.


Ελληνας μεταναστών says:

very nice bravo

Bakalakalajihad says:

best bee keeping video! straight to the point, and not intimidating!

Charles Perry says:


paul skillman says:

And no one is responsible for this miracle. That in itself is a fucking miracle. What is the smoke made of?

finalcutqueen says:

what kind of bees do you have? They seem so relaxed

Scarlett Seno says:


Blazing Blaziken says:

bees verry intelegent bugs

raina studier says:

I love bees

my Creative Channel says:

because we love bees and like the honey

sebasfh8 says:


Brian Walsh II says:

thank you for the great video! i just did an informative speech about bees as our primary pollinators for my college speech class. I hope one day to have a few hives for my garden.

CrazyCupcakeGirl2004 says:

Tryophobia, anyone?

Juliane Victoria Engelstad Ihle says:

Thank you from Sweden! This is very, very useful! I've been looking for exactly this information! Again: Thanks!

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