Michael Bush, Common Beekeeping Issues

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Michael Bush talks about Common Beekeeping Issues to Shenandoah Valley Beekeepers Association members and guest.


Karen Salmonsen says:

Hypothetically speaking, could one specialty-order a mold with a hexagonal print with the correct cell diameters and make one's own foundation at home with, say, the previous years wax?

Even if this is possible, is it a better idea/more convenient for both bees and keeper to just let the bees do it on their own?

P Andrews says:

As always Michael is easy to listen to and gives an independent unbiased talk, One of the most knowledgeable and best speakers of today, Thank you again, Phil. Hereford, England

101Cecilia says:

Excellent information. I will repeatedly review THIS discussion for help.
Thank you, Michael!

Robert T says:

Great video!   Thanks, Mike.

Jeannette Dewit says:

Thank you, learned a lot!!

Chad Schmidt says:

Thank you Mike! Well done presentation.

PandoraX Magillacutty says:

Yea well organized amount of information, would you ever give some advice about how new bee keepherds  should get bees from reputable sources that will treat them right, perhaps even give reputable sources although I know that could be a little sensitive an issue. I know that people try and fail too get into bees and sometimes multiple attempts at times but I think it may be a problem that people with knowledge toward this perhaps like yourself could help more people that turn out too be good beekeepherds because they were helped from the word go and sometimes that is what situations take and I don't think bees are any different. We need more bees especially since that over wintering and keeping them free of sickness and all the other issues that you talk about that are major challenges along with the expense that people must pay to get these bees is a very major point in time and concern at the time of aquiring these bees. If this isn't an important issue as I say I don't know what is I mean after all you have too have bees first and good healthy bees to take any of this information that people crave and try too use it. Just a suggestion I think it would help things flow in the bee situation if people get things happily instead of getting a batch of bees dealt too them and then never have a chance too ask a question, in other words it helps too deal with reputable people.

Larry Peterson says:

Very good information!  I appreciate the effort ans work that you folks have put into this presentation.
As a side note, I will have to watch this several times to get a more complete understanding.  Keep up this great presentation.  Thanx  LP

Chiefman says:

Good little lecture Thanks

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