Sustainable Beekeeping through Nucleus Colonies by Joe Lewis Susquehanna Beekeepers 2015

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Beekeepers learn how to “make increase” by making nucs from existing hives. Beekeeping tips and techniques as presented at the Susquehanna Beekeepers Association meeting on April 8, 2015 (Harford and Cecil Counties, in northeastern Maryland).


Conor Darcy says:

I would say it's much more accurate to say bees naturally build down, not up.

Ryan Esparza says:

Good presentation

scott33761 says:

WOW, really shity sound recording.

Robert Wheeler says:

1. DO NOT TREAT! Raise bees that are in balance with nature! no chemicals!!!

BeeFriendlyApiary says:

We are a treatment-free apiary in Baltimore. I totally disagree with the notion of requeening colonies every year…WHY?

Ginna Baker says:

3:54 Key ideas in bullet-points

Paul Bowen-Smith says:

I have 3 first year hives (doing very well, 18 – 20 full frames in each of them), however one of them appears to have swarm cells. I am told by a more experienced bee keeper it is unlikely that they will swarm and that they are just replacing the queen which happens in about 10% of first year Californian queens. My question is can I make a nuc using frames from all three hives or should I only make nucs from second year colonies?

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