Tips for Getting Started in Beekeeping

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Interested in beekeeping but just don’t know where to begin? Here are some tips and tricks to help you know where to start.

If you are interested in joining one of our online classes, we will be offering a 4-Part Online Bee-ginner’s Class with the first one Tuesday Feburary 9th at 6:00PM. Each session is free to attend but you will need to register in advance. To register you can visit our website

If you live in or near any of our retail locations in NC, PA or OR we are currently taking reservations for Package Bees & NUCs for pickup starting in late March. Visit… to look up prices and pick up dates.All Package & NUC orders are PICKUP ONLY from either our NC, PA, or OR Retail Location on the selected dates . Bee orders are call in only and you must specify the date and location you would like for us to reserve. All orders must be pre-paid at time of order.

To learn more about our bee-ginner’s kits visit…

For EVEN MORE information about beekeeping and starting out you can visit our Bee Educated section of our website,…

1-800-BEESWAX (233-7929)


Chris Rivers says:

We got our two package of bees from you from the NC store on April 9th and were not able to installed them until the 11th. I keep them in a dark cool place and when I installed the bees they all looked great and I could not wait to inspect them on the 18th. I am using only one inch small wax strips in the frame as I wanted to have cut comb honey and to raise the bees the natural way. Well the 18th finely got here and WOW was I surprised when I opened up the hive as I had six frames 50-60% filled out and some comb started on the other four frames. Several of the center frames also had some pollen stored in them. There is constant flow of bees leaving the the hive and ones coming back loaded down and I am now hooked and spend too much time just watching the little girls come and go. The trip to Brushy Mountain in the spring was worth the trip even if we had not brought back bees.

wood man says:

thank you been watching your videos, I am going to start a hive and I like your videos I was going to order from dadant  I believe they are less money and all painted they sell 2 brooding boxes and one super plus everything you need as a beginner in a beginner package, but you have very good videos with instructions, I want to order the box this year and read and watch videos then next year buy the bees thanks again great videos

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