How a swarm of honeybees cook a giant hornet alive

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To learn more about the scientist who figured all this out click here:

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Georg Plaz says:

if you added metric units to your videos, i would be so happy

larry spizzirri says:

Would not mind dying surrounded by hot supermodels

BloodKat says:

You sure this isn't an onion video? o.o

Robert S (twoslik904) says:

Rest in hell
Japanese hornet

Lilllie B. says:

This was presented too adorably for what it is, keep it up!

Warrior Son says:

I can kill 40000 bees with a can of bugspray…take that Japanese hornet!

Jobanpreet Singh Mutti says:

They be ballin.

Chris Deo says:

The honey bees are able to survive at a slightly higher temperature than the hornets, the bees are exploiting this fact. The venting meant the outside of the swarm is cooler is a safer way of going about this, rather then being in more contact with the temperatures that come close to killing the bees too

FableFilmsProduction says:

damn nature, you scary.

ninjalensings says:

nature is fucking savage

Jagneet Taneja says:

Even their honeybees are smart.

Shaqtapus says:

So fucking lame, couldn't have you gotten a video of this?

amu5238 says:

Just found this channel, and it reminds of the days when buzzfeed used to actually produced clean, crisp and fun factual videos instead of bombarding everything with feminism or supporting this and that and making statements all the time… Subscribed~ ❤️

diGritz1 says:


This video gives the impression that the honeybees have some sort of chance to defend themselves against an attack by an incredible small number of giant wasps. By small I mean a swarm of under 50 can destroy a colony of 10's of thousands in a few hours. This was an "EXPERIMENT" in a controlled environment under idea conditions for the honeybees.

donnyinlakai561 says:


GoodGameTV says:

R.I.P japanese hornet
You will not be missed

Hisham Najam says:

So do they later consume the Hornet BBQ?

Sam Laoshi says:


Luciano Martinez says:

Soooo….how many would it take to cook a human?

teitake says:

What a random topic.

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