Beginning Beekeeping: Installing Two Nuc (Starter) Hives – GSB S1 E2

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You got to see the day we picked up bees and learned all about how to install the Nuc hives. Now, this day was the test to see if Espen, The Golden Son Beekeeper, learned what he needed to in order to do this on his own.

Experienced beekeepers…. how did he do?

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Michael Josemans says:

must be nice to have an ATV to carry your stuff out to your yard..

GO RANGERS ! says:

thank you for taking the time to make the videos. this is so helpful.
my wife and i hope to start our first hive this spring.
we live at Glen Rose Tx.
do you know of a place that ships nuc's overnight?

Michael Josemans says:

Its nice to see a young man interested in bees. Congrats on your new bee hives. Good job pops for making that happen. Hope you enjoy your bees for years to come.

Mike martel says:

Fantastic, Espen,  You were so gentle with the frames. It was a good reminder to slow down for me. Best wishes for your future.

The Abled Gardener says:

he did a great job, especially for being in front of the camera. I thought I wanted to have bees, but it really looks like a lot of work.

littleninpo says:

You must be so proud of your son, what a great young man.

Nathan Deneault says:

have a contractor knife, will cut right through it.  Don't try to "cut" with a prybar, will piss those bees off

s Buzz says:

great job espen  helping the world (Texas) be a better place i take it no bears live near by

NewEnglandgardening says:

If you accidentally squish the queen can the hive hatch a new one?

Tracy Bruring says:

this is so cool; good job Espen

joeltb says:

Thanks for sharing! This is good. This will show the world that kids too can be beekeepers. After all, they are our future!

Patrick Meehan says:

Good luck with your Nuc hives Eapen. Nice video.

Larry342516 says:

Great job Espen. Can't wait to see you collect the honey later on. thanks for the video.

TheItalian Garden says:

im going to do the same exact thing when i get my bee's on the 22nd this month. feeding with those frame feeders just seems like all its going to do is kill bee's no matter how you set it up. Hope you guys have good luck with the hives, and if not both at very lest one hive makes it. =)

chris fry says:

Looking good, Espen. You are wise to learn bee keeping at a young age.

Luis Maldonado says:

wow I really enjoy it. keep beeeeeeeeeee
warms regard from Puerto Rico.

PJ D says:

A great job well done! Filming was great too! Love, love, loved this video thanks!

AlohaPrepper says:

Great job Espen! Nice camera work, too Blake!

dan Hamakua says:

Espen is getting good at this.

A'Bama Gardener says:

Great Job, I learned a lot. It was very calming watching this

Denise Mosley says:

Great video. Look Forward to the next. :-)

Lolita's Garden says:

I sure wish I started with bees when I was 15. Woulda kept me out of so much trouble. You're a good dad, DaddyK.

tstran02 says:

Golden Son, the Russian hybrid colony will have darker bees. I would say about half of the girls will be darker. Good luck!

justlivin says:

Fantastic job! I can't wait to get my nucs tomorrow. +Blake Kirby are those 8 foot 4×4's used for his hive stands?

bluedazz says:

Just want to ask… the metal on top of the hive box; will that reflect heat or will it heat up the box?  When I notice it I just thought of the temperature it may create would be too high.  Great job though.  Take some courage and knowledge to play with bees.  Best of luck.  It seems Espen has a desire for this process.

Marie s says:

Congratulations Golden Son!! What a beautiful journey your on. 

wildchook (Mary) says:

How cool is that, …well done Espen! I like the close up of the bees,…cute! Did you find the Queen? I enjoyed the update.

dymondwillow2 says:

how many stings did he get on his bare feet?

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