A Guide To Rearing Bumble Bees

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This video is meant to serve as a guide for those interested in catching wild bumble bee queens and rearing their own colonies. Dr. Kim Skyrm outlines all of the steps for this process, including: how to catch a wild queen, how to house the queen, and what to feed the queen.


IniDri BejTja says:

Hello i have a bumble bee colony in my garden now how to catch and to save new queens during the winter for next year help me plz and fast i need help !

kasparov279 says:

funny Voice
but good hork

Barry Winters says:

Oh, forgot.
Isnt fiberglass an irritant?

Is it possible to place two queens in the same box?

Barry Winters says:

First, thanks for the informative video.
2nd. At the beginning of the season, the fertile-solitary Queen hatches and goes out to find a site AND materials for he nest (she will be foraging).
When you examine her, IF she has LOTS of pollen, she may already have a nest (let he go). If she doesn't a lot of pollen she may not have started her colony and she is a keeper.
Hope this helps.

BTW keep the pollen-syrup balls in the fridge & replace frequently

malek “pimp-fish” brown says:

Would you be able to start the colony off with a worker seeing how a worker has the ability to lay eggs as well or would she only make drones 

Konely King says:

Great tutorial but I'm little bit concerned.
Queen bumbles here are looking for a new home when nothing is in flower,…looks like your bees/queen in video is from later in the season with abundant flower source,..thus, some bumbles are new bees?

How do you know that the queen bumble you've taken prison is not already
heaving a nest with offspring somewhere else?

brinnonvallere says:

wow, nice job

Tiffany Wong says:

The voice…..

John Sider says:

Amazing video thanks !!!

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