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Close Beekeeper mixing sugar water for beehive feeding. Beekeeping bee hive feed ideas, 1 or 5 gallon versions. Beekeepers bee syrup. Honey bees raise more brood when fed. Answers to how much, when, why, by John Pluta, Milledgeville Georgia.Don’t let your honeybees starve in winter,also good for spring build up stimulation . I’ve got on away from corn syrup feeding,worried about genetic modified corn and colony collapse disorder possible link. It’s also good to not forget adding medication only when needed. Fumagilin for nosema and maybe tylan for American foulbrood . Feedind is also a must when raising Queens or Queen cells, GAbeekeeping


Aldean Louis says:

how many beehives do you have?

SporadicBlah says:

Hi. I'm a beekeeper myself and found this video while searching for vids on open feeding. Am I understanding you are using water from your dehumidifier? I would be worried the contaminants pulled from the air that washed off those condenser coils would be bad because its in high concentrations in that water.

Larraine Branch says:

Thanks John, as always you share good points in an easy way. I like how you recycle the water, THAT is a conscientious thing to do, as is saving bees from starvation. Nevermind the previous comment, Rudeness is NEVER kind or acceptable way to make a point.

hunter jack says:

Bees are supposed to be fed on flowers to get its nectar, not motherfucking sugar water you bastard. The honey that comes outta the sugar fed bees is worthless and you are a cheating motherfucker. 

Vegas Jay says:

Does it have to be sugar water you put in the feeder? Could you put say………cherry Kool Aid in the feeder to get cherry flavored honey?


Radwoem says:

I completely agree. We messed up over this past winter with one of our hives and allowed too much space. We were feeding a 1:1 (a whole deep above the cluster) mix and they still ended up starving and dying by the hundreds. Luckily we caught it in time and took away one of the deeps and started a 2:1 feed. The queen was saved and it is currently our strongest hive.

Radwoem says:

How can they keep three deeps warm in the winter? I usually have two deeps for the bees per hive. But I reduce it to one deep/innercover (feeder)/medium super with some frames pulled for feed jar/telescoping cover. I live about an hour from Mr. Pluta (just inside the piedmont of east Georgia), and our winters get just cold enough to cause chill brood and big loss if too much space is allowed for the cluster to have to heat.

Shailendra Indulkar says:

Ear buds dip in sugar water will help in this situation

johnpluta says:

NO feed = Certain Death

johnpluta says:


johnpluta says:

If I have a choice I prefer sucrose.
Fructose I'm concerned about the GM modified poisons in the corn plant having a link to CDD.
But cost is a concern.

johnpluta says:

Don't boil the water, hot tap water with stirring better.
I usually add a pinch of salt,bees love it.

johnpluta says:

My bees can empty my neighbors humming feeder in 30 minutes.
It's all good and fine.

johnpluta says:

Thick in the fall less moisture to evaporate.
Thin in the Spring just for stimulation unless very light hive then thick also.
MY theory is to cram the brood box with cheap feed.
Then when Honey supers added they start quick.

Dinu Sri Madhusanka says:

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hesefgod777 says:

not natural at all, where would bees get walmart sugar water in the wild?

Megahs2010 says:

Is it 1:1 or 2:1 water to sugar? Not sure which option better – thanks

Janet says:

I found a bee in a bucket of water and took him out. He is still alive this morning but can't fly yet, but I think he's hungry. How can I offer the sugar water to the bee and can I add rose essential oil to it or lavender essential oil? How can I feed? Thanks, I know It's off topic, but I love the bees. Thanks

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