Queen Cell Timing Box by FatBeeMan

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Don shares another secret of beekeeping. This video introduces the process of making queens by timing cell development using a timing box. You can produce large numbers of queens with this method.


Bee Bob says:

Always enjoy your videos.  I've raised my own queens and was told something a bit different by my mentor.  How do you feel about the following.
In your box you're moving three frames.  This is nice.  My mentor wanted me to set it  up so that a frame and only a frame is in the excluder with the queen.  This way I know exactly how old the larvae are.  The issue is… I have to be there daily and move the frames for grafting.  It's a scheduling issue that I don't have the time for.
I like your three frame idea, but don't you end up with older larvae?

426 SUPER BEE says:

wow amazing

John Jones says:

ok you said put the empty drawn out cone in on Sunday and it will be ready to graft from on Thursday. Now doesn't that make the larva 5 days old? I have been told 3 or 4 day old is ideal. Is that true or is 5 days ok to?

Don The Fat Bee Man says:

after you keep bees for awhile you will be able to tell.

Doug Morgan says:

Can you do a video on types of queen bees.
How can one tell what type of queen is in a hive. Is there a way to tell a Caucasian from an Italian or Russian, etc. Thanks for any information….

Don The Fat Bee Man says:

the plans are on my web site,you can down load them.

Don The Fat Bee Man says:

I have mixed several races with wild bees.

brent roberts says:

I would like to know if you don't care what kind of honeybees do you have somebody told me that was three types and if so what type is the friendliest thank you

Don The Fat Bee Man says:

we are doing them videos next but I stay busy.

Chandra Dasa says:

so how much is your above plan cost ? .One thing please I would appreciate your quick response.Also I am here in North Fl can you give info in regard to Russian queen VHS genetics that helps with varroa mites.

Doug Ferrell says:

hey don where is the cell starter builder/finisher??? keep up the good videos!

Dana Stovern says:

Just found your channel! AWESOME! WONDERFUL! I'm just beginning to look at raising my own queens in Colorado. Good resource. Thanks for posting!

mmmooretx says:

Love the video, and all of your others too. I already bought two of your plans and will be watching for the plans for the timer box plus feeder. I will also be waiting for your next two videos on your queen production set using this box (waiting for the starter and finisher ones).
Also sent a donation to support your teaching/videos. Thank you for your time and support! I just got my first hive on 2 June 2012.
Thanks again Mike.

Steve Bugnacki says:

Royal Jelly can be acquired from many queen cells by sacrificing the queen larvae and using a syringe to draw out the royal jelly. And this jelly of course needs to be refrigerated right away. Many of those that sell "royal jelly" in the health food stores etc sell something that is not real royal jelly. It may just have a part of royal jelly in it.

Steve Bugnacki says:

ThisNThat… From everything I have heard of, 3 day old larvae that has hatched from an egg is the best. After that the bees will treat it like a normal worker bee. One day old is referring to the age of the larvae. Remember she is hatched after three days from the egg. You may or may not know that the egg "shell" becomes early food for the larvae. So the term larvae is referring to the three day old egg which is then classified as larvae.

Alderaan Apiaries says:

I believe what he is referring to is that the eggs hatch on day 3, not that the larva is 3 days old. After 3 days an egg becomes a 1 day old larva so he is giving the correct day to graft.

MacNachtan1 says:

I think what you want is to graft 3 days after the queen lays. Day 1 it is an egg, but day 3 (after laying) is Day 1 as a larvae.

ThisnThatPackRat says:

Thanks for another great video. Is 3 days old the optimal age for larvae to queen graft? Some out there are suggesting that one day old is best. Does it really make a big difference? Also, is it possible to do a future video on royal jelly production and harvest? Again, thanks for your information sharing.

Mika Lee says:

Really enjoy your videos.

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