Adventures in Beekeeping – Split gone wrong

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Brian Conway says:

Oh man ! I had the same problem with the frames getting stuck to the upper deep. .I just needed to twist it off after I loosened them.IMHO get lower hive stands. Also loose all that extra baggage, insulation, extra med. storage if their strong and heavy going into winter no need to make them keep 3 boxes warm? see if that hive is still hot after the next flow starts. if so re queen that bitch.You also could split that hive probably into 3 nucs. and still have a boom hive.

Jeffrey Braddock says:

did you lose about a 100lbs? you look a lot slimmer than last years post

DJ Bruce says:

Some days start good but one turn for the worse and you never can catch back up. I think you did just fine. You learned some lesson but I think you taught a lot of people of how life is in the apiary. Thank you for your time and the videos.

1whatever100 says:

A lot funner watching it happen to some one else. Brings back memory of last week..Just have to love bee keeping. Thanks for all the videos Kevin..

David Sandanger says:

You need a new queen. Cannot work with bees like that :-)

Bob Bruchsaler says:

Stuff happens and I thought you adjusted accordingly.  Well done sir!

Silver Seeker says:

Those hives are too hot! I would purchase 2 nice queens and find that queen and kill her! When new queens get here you got your split. no need to keep those genetics.

Jeremy McAtee says:

The only people who are going to "flame" you for this video are the ones that probably don't keep bees much anyway. If I've learned one thing in my 4 seasons as a beekeeper its that STUFF happens. Anyone that says they've never had a day like this in their yard isn't doing much with them anyway or they're fibbing. Thanks for posting the video.

jim bobbs says:

Requeen that hive ouch feel for you man .hope you don't have to shake to many hands at your presentation.Good luck

Doug Parsons says:

I purchased 2 hives 2 yrs ago… they had not been opened up and inspected for years and the 2 deep brood boxes will not come apart without ripping and pulling frames apart. So I let them be, but now I will try the piano wire trick. Thanks for sharing Kevin it sure as hell helped me.

Nicholas Jordan says:

Interesting adventure not a good hive to spilt queeny seems to breed mean bees, thanks for posting some days are a bummer

Chris Muncy says:

I'm currently 15 minutes in to your video and I have to leave a few constructive tips:
1. Get rid of the PVC hive stand.There were instances that I was waiting for you to tip the whole things over.
2. Get higher to work on that stack of boxes. A heavy deep like that trying to lift from chest level doesn't leverage your strength.
3. To prevent squishing the girls, try sliding the boxes to their position instead of placing them directly on top of each other. The girls will move as you slowly move slide the boxes in to position.
4. I would have put the brood minder in the rear instead of the front.

All in all you've had a rough day in the apiary.

Caleb Efird says:

Yup. Had one of those days before. Thanks for sharing anyway.

FlyRenegade says:

great video

Desmond Simmons says:

Sounds like you needed some duct tape for your gloves that day.

terry saunders says:

not a good day

Michael Doherty says:

Feel your pain Kevin – I had the mob go after me this year during an inspection. :(

Scott Gould says:

Days like that make me wonder why we choose bee keeping as a hobby???

anolmec says:

YEP……… that's an adventure for sure…………..nice colony

Jen And ED (TheBeeKeeper) says:

at least the arthritis in your hand wont be bad now cause of those bees stinging. jk.

Jen And ED (TheBeeKeeper) says:

what is the bee monitor?

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