More Beekeeping For Beginners: Chris Verkerk on Gear, Feeders and Foundationless Frames

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A bit more in depth explanation of our honeybee set up.

Chris’ channel is here.

In this video, he’s catching a swarming that’s coming to our place!


gamingSlasher says:

Very good explanations and a good thing to do.

Dana Nelson says:

Thanks guys. Lots of info here.

Remy Lebeau says:

Still no answer about my question on the flow hive style of bee keeping/ new technology. : (

Yaya Helwa says:

I have been watching your videos for a while they are great let me tell you. I don't really like to comment but you guys are natural. I did like this bee video because I learned something new, and I am not new to bees I did beekeeping for some time in the past. good luck and keep the great job.


please sub to me ….

Rachel Schell says:

what?! we didn't get to see the best part!

Delectable Mountains says:

Hahahaha! My brain went through the same evolution. My friend has bees, I am slightly obsessed.

MrCGChief says:

Over the course of several videos, I've noticed you probably have a tier 5 – devious/sly/I know something you don't smile. love the vids!

Scott Girvan says:


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