Honey Bee Hive Inspection

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Beekeeping is an exciting and fast growing hobby. Maybe you started keeping bees recently but aren’t sure how to inspect your hive. Without knowing what to do, your hive could perish. Follow me in this video as I take you through a complete inspection. I’ll even pick up the queen for you! Check out our complete online beekeeping website at www.honeybeesonline.com or call us at: 217-427-2678


Michael Reynolds says:

Great tape thanks

natserog says:

Great video!

Ken LaVere says:

Thank You David!!

Brian Bauman says:

what kind are they carniolan?

WLK1965 says:

They are very calm on the comb. I am considering starting beekeeping in Laos when I retire. My father and I had 20 hives years ago, but I have since stopped honey production. I am debating whether I will sell my equipment or not. Anyway, nice video.

TipsyTurvy17 says:

Thanks for this great video. I just got my first box of bees and will do the first inspection in a couple days. It was a split and we are not for sure if the queen slipped into the split box?? lucky me if she did. So I'll be looking for eggs or queen cells.

Simon joe says:

Mr Burns, Thanks for the great video! I noticed your hives were out in the open so to speak. Do they do okay in the winter without a windbreak? Looking at the corn behind you it looks like you are in the midwest. Do you have to take any precautions when spraying the cornground? I also noticed that you use hivestands as well as having a hive on a slab. What difference if any do you notice between the two setups? Do you use screened bottom boards or solid? Thanks for reading this. I am a novice beekeeper from Ohio. Joe

TheUnknown says:

Amazing video mate. My girlfriend and I are fascinated over how you handle and look after your bees. I have a question, sorry if it sounds stupid. How do you not get stung? Do the bees know who you are? Thank you for uploading the video :)

Isaiah chatman says:

I think I know your granddaughter sarah

John Strauss says:


mike smith says:

Why aren't the frames designed with wire loops to make them easier to lift out?

Saurabh Shrestha says:

Hlo David I have 1 bee hive and which season does bee put honey on their hive?

Paul Fisher says:

Great video, well done !

Kurtis Kauffman says:

sweet! job

trickytricky100 says:

what a amazing blog David, I'm no a keeper of bees just love to keep them one day, how you handaled your bees and picked the queen up like that, never seen that before but I am new to this, and thanks for sharing your nolidge with us, thanks I thought it Was grate info
thanks Richard

Rachel Woodruff says:

that was pretty funny, I thought, hey this fellow really knows how to spot a queen, he's passing over the frames fast! in the end I see a big ole green splot on the queens head, Lol

Ethan Cerwinski says:

Do you get stung often?

David Morse says:

well done Dave!

Guillaume Nel says:

Thanks I learned a lot I'm from RSA and want to start bee-keeping but don't know a lot but this helped me understand more. I don't know yet if you have other videos I will keep looking, I want to know how to look for the larva and so forth, the more detailed inspection and how to catch a wild swarm that I have seen on the farm.

Charlie Tesoriere says:

thanks for that video. it really was comprehensive. as a newbee i appreciate this / thanks i have learned !!

Al Briddick says:

Dave got my hive and everything else from you,everything is great the last couple of years. This is a great video,thx. I can't learn enough.

MrGrunthunter's Adventures says:

Very nice video.  I had to watch it all the way to the end.  This is something I had never seen before and was very informative for me.  Now I van appreciate more as to what goes into bee keeping.  Many thanks for sharing and posting.

PencilArt57 says:

…not boring at all…I loved it!

Sean Sherk says:

How often should you go through the hive.

Toxicrafa says:

Great video! Thank you for sharing! Didńt you used to have a beard or a moustache or something? I though you had…

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