Raising Queens With A Cell Starter (part 1 queen rearing)

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A cell starter is used to raise a large amount of queen bees at one time. First the bees need to be made queen-less in cell starter for a few hours. Then the grafts can be given to them. After 24 hours with the grafts the bees are put back in the hive they came from and the grafting frame need to be placed in a cell finisher.

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Caging A Queen Bee

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Don Anderson says:

I was reading an article that said you should only wait 2 hours before install grafts. If you wait 24 hours the nurse bees have "shut down". What are your thoughts? I am a total newb. I love your vids, some of the best I have seen. Thanks!

Kelly Wilson says:

thanks alot for your videos

Jason Chrisman says:

It should work now. Thanks!

Jason Chrisman says:

That's great! I am glad my efforts are helping beekeepers learn to be self efficient.

David Jastram says:

I learned a lot this year. I raised some queens with help from your videos.

Thank you!

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