The Flow Hive for honey bees, Love it? Hate it? or Undecided? Price? Review of Quality Control

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Showing the 7 Frame FlowHive, hive body construction and design, components, frame design and thoughts on what I think is good or not? Parts were missing, joints did not fit. Next step will be observing the bees when I put this super on a strong colony in the spring of 2016. Subscribe to be certain not to miss that! Yes.. they are BOX JOINTS.. not dove tails… sorry about that.

The following is a link for those who are interested in the safety of using plastics in a bee hive, specifically these flow frames:…

Where to buy the Flow Hive:


immortalH Dank says:

man beekeeping is something I have wanted to do for a while now. I'm actually 16 and I'm looking for a beekeeper assistant. we're I can learn the basics of beekeeping and other bee related activities. I would love to learn to bottle up honey. not many 16 year Olds like me probably don't want to do this. but I think think it's a relaxing and self paying hobby

nb251 says:

great work sir very informative video and very well presented. my only concern besides the bad quality of the frame is the plastic. I know that plastic releases toxic vapours especially under the heat of the sun. A quick search shows that the number 7 on the plastic means it contains different and mixed plastics together and it is not clear if a particular type prevails. most of the time, these plastics release or 'sweat' toxic matter. just a thought…

David Lowery says:

Man did they even use a jig?

Robert Briggs says:

Such shoddy craftsmanship for something so expensive…

Nalu Rash says:

I'm probably just an idiot but my neck twitched every time you called those box joints a dovetail lol….Awesome video though

MїĈhÃЭĹ ĴoЯđÃй says:

I really hope you got some of your money back. It's unacceptable that the wood wasn't even cut to shape and not to mention the lack of things needed to be provided or didn't actually fit. Because of the lack of accessibility I would have been rather annoyed if I bought one and it turned up like yours.

lesley cooper says:

I also was a crowd funder, I received my Flowhive in December, and the 'plastic' components this past January….Ours went together perfectly.

Oneofdazzz says:

This is probably covered in the flowhive website or something and I am not a bee keeper but from the looks of the cells and your reference the the key system you are going to rupture the cell walls prior to allowing to the honey to be drained away. However all the cells will still be "capped" but 90% of the honey will be stolen away, will the bees know that they need to uncap the cells & repair/refill them?

Can't wait to see the system in production…sad that they seem to take such attention to detail on the plastics but outsourced the carpentry and packing to a substandard outfit.

Moty Games says:

How do you know you're just extracting honey?

gigicaly says:

this looks very interesting but I do not agree with it as I think that long use of it might get the bees to forget how to make honeycombs

Dean Evangelista says:

I'm guessing that the dovetail issue might be due to the machining being don on wood that has not finished drying, and the shift occurred during that process.

steel1583 says:

And I REALLY appreciate your clarification about the meaning of being a bee keeper, against the potential "capitalization" of bees for the sole purpose of money, making the bees and the environment weaker.

steel1583 says:

Apparently, the purpose of this FlowHive harvesting method is that you don't have open and take out the frames. But in the video you say that you would never harvest honey from cells that have not been capped ('cause the honey in them would not be ripe, water percentage higher than 20-22 %). And another point is: once you harvest the honey without cracking the wax capping on the cells, would the bees reopen and refill these empty cells or would they think that there is honey in those capped cells and rely on this "ghost stock" for the winter, risking to starve?

ryan dickson says:

Thanks for the video – I'm a second year beekeeper, and this contraption seems a bit unnatural to me…… Your information was very helpful and seemingly accurate.

exvcator says:

My experience with a Flowhive so far: I was actually impressed with the quality of the Flowhive when it arrived – I had none of the quality issues that you and others have reported, and no ‘wood work’ was needed to make things fit. All the parts were there, wood was fine – no splits or too many knots, and the instructions were very clear. I think mine was manufactured and shipped from Australia – I don’t know whether that makes a difference.

What has taken me by surprise though is the negativity from experienced beekeepers against Flowhive. Having finally ‘come out’ in my bee group, I’ve heard 101 reasons why Flowhive is bad thing, albeit none of the ‘experts’ have actually got, or even seen, a Flowhive for real.
I’ve now got a sense of what it must have been like for Mr Benz, when traditionalists were claiming the cows would stop milking, and horses would bolt at the sight of the first vehicle powered by a 0.8hp internal combustion engine.

I bought a Flowhive, not because I want to make a quick buck, in fact I’m not particularly passionate about eating honey, but I bought a Flowhive because I was interested in bees and their positive impact on the environment, and I am concerned at the reports of a declining bee population. Making the extraction easier, less invasive, definitely ‘floats my boat’.

Time will tell, but I haven’t yet found a reason NOT to buy a second Flowhive.

I look forward to hearing about your experiences with the Flowhive when the ladies start doing their work.

anticristony says:

i been watching videos about bee's for few day i love to do this too bad am poor and i live in nyc

Wintery Feline says:

I thought I went deaf watching this video

glynnth says:

if i were ever going to raise bees, these r the hives i would want! but the price is way outta my league. seems like a great concept tho.

Mack Tyner says:

Great thoughtful video. Hope it works. I recently got back into beekeeping after having none for 30 years. Seems the bees like to swarm more often than in the old days, and of course the new parasites (varroa and SHB) are no fun at all. I wonder if I have some african genes in my bees making them swarm more…. they dont seem to sting any worse, but once I catch a swarm or am forced to make a split by so many queen cells showing up, it only takes a month before the swarm is swarming itself! Got to see one hive with 4 queens in it, that was pretty exciting. Here in florida there may be some african genes going around, I suppose. I got these bees mainly to pollinate my avocado trees, so I am not complaining, but I am not sure how much honey i can make with them swarming all the time, and I have gone from one hive to 12 in only a year, just by catching swarms and making splits.

Mahir Fredericks says:

the flow system great idea… but its not actually useful to get properly cured honey

The Doctor says:

+Frederick Dunn
Ive always been afraid of being stung but don't care about the fear because i love science and the planet more than i fear being stung its not the bees i fear ive had bees crawl on me before and i didn't care i just moved them but i understand if your taking care of them your taking their honey and they get aggressive ive been doing alot of bee research lately because I'm interested in getting a hive and keeping bees i love honey and honey products so ide bee using the honey for myself or be giving it to friends and family who enjoy honey as well, i wanted to get a langstroth hive and start keeping bees with my father but hes really lazy and says he doesn't want any work to do so he thought i should just spend the extra money and buy flow hive so while im living with him i may just do that do you know if theres any difference in taste between flow hive and regular hives? and should i just buy the flow hive until i have a larger property of my own where i can set up a bee workshop? how much work is involved in a flow hive what do i have to do other than extracting?

Eternal Gaming says:

i wanna get this to teach and show people how a hive works

scarmenl says:

Not a dove tail. It is called a box join or box joint. The alignment is badly done but the joint is not a dove tail it is a box joint.

fred williams says:

it is not a dovetail, it is a box joint and not well made at that

Saddendude says:

Seems like a good option for a hobbyist who doesnt want 20 hives. Just for someone to keep in their backyard to occasionally top off their honey jar. Excess could go to friends, family or mead :p

Lewis Ramos says:

Weren't they box joints not dove tails.

EmilyPorterOfficial says:

wonderfully detailed review, thank you for posting!

Faisal Rahman says:

super how much this one box sir

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