www.nebees.com – How to Install a Package of Honey Bees

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www.nebees.com – Watch Rick demonstrate how to install a package of honeybees.


howardtoob says:

If I put these into one of those awesome new flow hives will I be able to open the honey spigot next week and get a few gallons of nice fresh honey? I can't wait! BTW careful about that "working the can" thing LOL

Medic_F93 says:

when moving packages and slides in and out, do you, by the shear number of bees, ever crush some or squish some unintentionally?

Chris Davies says:

I love how the bees flow almost like a liquid. But I guess they have to: they are far too close together to be able to fly, so they're basically just little bouncy balls. So freaking cool to watch.

jASTDK says:

He's like the Bee King

AlexRaGeAHoLiC says:

balls of cryptonite

Taryn114 says:

No way he didn't get stung here.

Plebchok says:

Could someone explain to me, how the fuck is he not getting stung?

scyther1 says:

That was terrifying when you dumped them in the hive.

Patricia S says:

He just seriously smacked that frame of bees…

Doru Stefan says:

I would really love to atend bees in USA, romanian guvernment sucks in terms of taking care of bees and stuff!

Richard Brooklyn says:

I believe sir, that you have balls which actually may be constructed of steel.

Carissa L says:

OMG! don't you get stung without wearing the protective gear?

tyreza79 says:

i loveeee this video,
and i love beeeees 😀 so much ! such beautiful lovable creatures,
hey i live in an urban space with a lot of neighboor sensivities, you know what i mean ?
is there a way to make a small scale bee hive that i can hang on one of the neiboorhood trees, some trees here are full of leaves that you cant see inside, so iwant to use that,
we have many gardens arround and flowers all arround the year,
please tell me if you know anything !

Kristi Fenstermacher says:

Thank you for posting this. You are awesome.

David O'Connor says:

Simple, easy to follow, I learned. Thank you so much!

Davin900 says:

Your accent is wicked.

Black Forest Features says:

im going to install two packages from walter t kelly bees with a brand new hive and no comb in the racks will that be okay?

cupcakus says:

I was always taught that the candy side of the cage has to face up, not down. If one or more of her attendants dies in the cage it can block her exit otherwise.

pawnieking says:

I'm going to do this tomorrow. I was pretty anxious about it as I came into a package of bees faster than expected and haven't had time to properly educate myself. You're right, reading about installing bees is one thing but seeing it done is just so much better. Thank you for this video! Now I'm excited and feeling confident! I'm going to wear the veil and gloves though. 😀

Ismail Abdulkarim says:

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Mark Solo says:

Great video, very helpful for a beginning beekeeper such as myself. Thank you.

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