BEGINNING BEEKEEPING: Great Tips & Lots of Bees To See

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This video is packed with great beginning beekeeping information. Some of the info we cover includes:

1. Properly filling a smoker and getting the right kind of smoke.
2. How to smoke a hive to help settle the bees.
3. You’ll see close up views of many frames to help you identify worker bee and drone larvae, pollen and honey cells.
4. How a healthy colony lays out a frame with larvae, pollen and honey.
5. We discuss how to identify how and when you need to add more frames to keep a colony from swarming.
6. I explain the difference between supersedure and swarm cells and how to find them.
7. We discuss the advantages and show checkerboarding a hive.
8. We show the results of using wood frames with plastic foundations.
9. We show you how to identify newly laid eggs.
10. How to tell when the bee colony’s temperament has changed and when you have spent too much time in a hive.
11. Where to look for swarm cells.
12. How to determine to remove or not remove comb built on the bottom of frames.
13. A couple of ideas where to put the new brood box i.e. on top or in between existing brood boxes.
14. Do bees really build up or down?
15. How to convert a 10 frame hive to an 8 frame hive.
16. Some advantages of using a screen bottom board.
17. The advantages of buying unassembled boxes.
18. Where to put the old box so the honey bees will fly into the new hive.
19. The advantages of having a top entrance.
20. Feature to consider when purchasing a bee suit, vail and gloves.
21. Why you might want to stain and seal your hive boxes.
22. How to save several hundred dollars when ordering beekeeping supplies.
23. The advantages of joining a local beekeeper association.



– Minwax Colonial Maple 233 Penetrating Stain

– Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane Sealant


bevaroni27 says:

Are you planning on coating your hive ware with fiberglass resin like you did in an earlier video?

Dustin Liu says:

Removing queen cells does not suppress the urge to swarm because the swarm is lead by the current queen. More often results longer queenless period after swarm.

myMOTUmemories says:

Great video. The title says "beeKEPPing", not beekeeping. Thought you'd like to know.

Eric Knapp says:

Thanks for the explanation. I have to agree that 80 pounds is too much to have to work with.

Rob Donaldson says:

Is it possible to add to much space or to many frames?

Eric Knapp says:

Quick question, when you first started I noticed that you reduced the frames from 10 to 8. What is the purpose of that? Is it to make it easier for the hive to grow? Now I see that you need to add an additional box. Great growth.

Tim Huffman says:

3rd year beek here in SW Florida. I love these beekeeping videos. Thank you so much for taking your time to chose to share it. Your daughter looks to be doing a great job & so lucky to have you as an onsite mentor. Can't wait to see your next update. Hope you both have a fantastic day

Gary Benninger says:

Does using chemical stain effect the flavor of the honey? It's expensive but what about tung oil?


was a great video thanks

Honey Bee Asian says:

Excellent video. That's a beautiful golden queen you have in the first hive. She looks very active as well on that frame from 4:214:50. If you missed her, she travels from the bottom right of the frame to the top right.

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