Michael Bush presents ‘Why go Foundationless’ (natural cell) to Indiana Beekeepers

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Michael Bush makes the case for Natural Cell (foundationless) Beekeeping to Indiana Beekeepers at Clifty Falls State Park and Nature Preserve at the IBA Fall Conference. He lays out his experience with natural cell and chemical-free beekeeping and shows how mites have been the least of his problems. At the end, he shows inspection reports showing no varroa in his colonies. It’s worth a watch!

Michael led a total of 4 discussions on a variety of topics that day. Be sure to check them all out. For more information on Michael Bush, visit http://www.bushfarms.com/bees.htm – For more information on Southeastern Indiana Beekeepers Association, visit http://www.indianahoney.org


Karen Salmonsen says:

Informative talk. I just have one question: if foundation-less comb more or less requires a starter of some type to help the bees build comb in the right direction, could one put a line of beeswax on the inside of all four walls of the foundation frame, and this would encourage them to fill in that frame, and they would then build the other frames parallel to this one? This sounds logical to me but as I've never worked with bees I am not sure… I'm wondering because when I eventually begin my own beekeeping adventure I would like to start it without the use of pre-made foundation and obviously would not already possess pre-made comb. Thanks in advance. :-)

426 SUPER BEE says:

I'am so sorry the volume is so poor, i can't even understand a word he's saying!!!!! The main reason i'am going Foundationless is the cost of it, It's just to dam high…I make my bees work like the suppose to do.. There Bees!  They suppose to pollinate, make wax. honey, propolis and more bees Your heard the old saying if you don't use it, you will loose it,,, That the way i look at it with bees, They don't use there God Giving Organs, They will loose it…I give them food and shelter and a frame to make comb, i even give them a wedge glide with wax on the glide! Now its time for them to go to work, i did my part, now its time for them to do there's Wild bees has made threw centuries with out any kind of mans help PERIOD!

Frederick Dunn says:

Well said… so glad Michael is out there still preaching chemical free management… we're all in trouble with our bees… it's time for change… I hope more will get onboard with natural practices… thanks for sharing Jason!

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