Beekeeping With Blurry Face and The Old Man – Spring Hive Box Inspections

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Last week I ran out to help my dad with some spring hive box inspections for a lady on a cool windy drizzling day. He got to do some beekeeping and teaching and I got to get some video work in. Everybody was happy. The lady we were with was fine with being on video except she didn’t want her face shown. I think it was mainly because she was in her gardening attire and no makeup and what lady want’s to be on video not looking their best? She was a good sport for letting me record though. It literally took hours just to do the blur parts so that I could keep those video clips in there so no complaining OK? I hope you enjoy the results of eight hours or video editing it took to make Beekeeping With Blurry Face and The Old Man. In the end the bees were getting very agitated due to weather conditions so we closed the hives up without completing the work and left her with instructions to reverse the boxes and stack the brood in both boxes (brood frames over brood frames). We did not inspect either bottom box. Top boxes were honey bound which means they had brood in them but there was so much honey around the brood and there was no room for the hive to expand. This will result in swarming if not addressed.

We used her 4×7 Dadant smoker in this video but the smoker that I use is Dadant’s 4×10 with the heat shield. I’ve included links to a US supplier and a New Zealand supplier. This is the one beekeeping tool that I recommend not cutting corners on. All you new folks keep in mind that smokers will burn you and the heat shield on this one I use will not prevent that.

The entire hive inspection portion of this video was shot on an Iphone with the aid of a DJI Osmo gimbal. See our Amazon affiliate links for that tool.

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4×10 Smoker links:

US supplier Bee Wise

New Zealand supplier Ceracell

The music was from Epidemic Sound.


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