How to Raise Chickens Made Easy – Gathering Eggs – Mini Farm

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This video serves as an introduction to how to gather your chicken eggs and misc information and tips on caring for chicken. A tip not mentioned in the film is that to not stress the chickens out, you distr them with feed. If you chase them or upset them to much they will stop laying eggs for a while. Animals need a steady pattern and routine, if that changes to much you will stress them out. Another trick for getting the chickens back in the coop is to lure the ones in the coop to the other side by baiting them. I toss some raw peanuts in there and they go crazy for that. While the others are distred, you can chase the others back inside the chicken coup.\r
Note: As mentioned in the video a cornish cross is a cross between a male cornish rooster and a female plymouth white rock hen.\r
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