Natural Beekeeping | Intro to Catching Wild Swarms (Vlog)

Meet Girl Next Door Honey, the woman rescuing millions of honey bees from extermination and giving them new homes in backyards across San Diego!

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This is a prime example of how honeybees looked from 1970s and back. Honeybees were abundant in everyone’s yard, you always had to go outside with shoes on or you would step on a honeybee and get stung. Things have changed so much over the decades, now it’s a very rare to go out in your yard and even find one honey bee. We need more beekeepers to help get the population built back up to the way things used to be. And hopefully someday there will be regulations against pesticides and harmful chemicals that kill the honey bees, but until then we all must try to do what we can as people to help the honey bee population out.

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Here is a fine example of what will happen if you don’t ventilate your hive we had put these here temporarily for a few days without ventilation and moisture accumulated on the lid from the bees clustering from the cold night. luckily the cold snap was short-lived and it did not harm the bees ,but in most cases the moisture will drip down on the honey bees and kill them, this can be a big beekeeping mistake.

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