Full version Flight of the Quetzal Mama: How to Raise Latino Superstars and Get Them Into the

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Move over Tiger Mom. Latinos now have Quetzal Mama. Author Roxanne Ocampo – aka “Quetzal Mama” is a proud Latina mom who has demystified the complex college admissions process for Latino students. After strategizing her own children’s pathway to Harvard and USC, Quetzal Mama shares her strategies. Ocampo provides a 3-prong approach including the “10 Quetzal Mama Principles” – the guiding psychological principles to raise superstars, how to “Work the System” – the intricate, inside track of K-12 public school systems that elude most Latino parents, and the nuts and bolts of the “College Admissions Process” – including a comprehensive review of each component of the admissions process. She informs students and parents with what they need to do, when they need to do it, and how they can achieve it. Her book provides resources, tips, strategies, and practical wisdom. Her book was written with the conviction that Latino parents are not looking to understand why their children should go to college but how to get them there. The content appeals to Latino students as each chapter includes culturally-authentic language and examples, recognizable colloquialisms, personal and relatable stories, and addresses our specific needs and challenges. Her writing comes from working directly with Latino students including traditional, non-traditional, first-generation, migrant, as well as undocumented students. This book will empower Latino parents so their children can achieve academic excellence, become the leaders they were intended to be, and make a valuable contribution to humanity. Become a Quetzal Mama!


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