Our latest BEETASTIC update is here!\r
Please welcome our brand new and super cute addition to the Hay Day world: Bees !!!\r
• Place the bee hive on your farm and welcome up to 12 buzzy little bees.\r
• Plant nectar bushes and watch these little rascals as they fly off to collect nectar.\r
• Give them some time and before you know it youll be harvesting golden honey combs.\r
• Build a brand new honey-extring production machine to produce sweet, sweet honey.\r
• Create a variety of delicious honey infused products with your existing production machines like honey popcorn, lobster skewers, pumpkin soup, honey toast and honey apple cake!\r
What else is new?\r
• In your town, you can now build the new gift shop service building. Your visitors will simply love to shop in there!\r
• Welcome a new visitor in your town: the graceful ress.\r
• Unlock three new decorations in your town: two new relaxing beach chairs and a lovely little sand castle.\r
• With this update we are ending the summer theme.\r
Additional improvements:\r
• Improved the balancing on the Town\r
• Bug fixes\r

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