[MOST WISHED] Raising Creative Thinkers Series: Butterflies, Bees and ants: Stimulating

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There’s a lot to learn from insects: community organization, responsibility for kins, and creative ways to communicate. Think small to be inspired greatly with this must-read. Become mature brothers and sisters with Cute and Cuter, two caterpillars that argue all day and all night. In the mean-time be inspired with the cycle of life of the butterflies. Learn all the tasks of the hive with Honey, the bee that can’t wait to become a forager wandering the fields. Make friends with being a child – there’s time to grow and there’s time to glow. Discover about the rainbow. What color of the spectrum is visible to the bee, but not to us people? Discover about the primary colors of light. Are red, green and blue the primary colors? Where did yellow go? Draw the rainbow as the butterfly sees it. Set on a journey with an ant friend preparing for winter. And fall in love with the magic of those tiny creatures? world. The kids become coauthors and co-illustrators in this glorious series celebrating their creativity. Ignited by the poems, paintings and interesting facts about nature, they write and draw their own ideas. They create a one-of-a-kind book, reflecting their child genius. In the mean-time they bond with the animal world, while expressing their inner voice. Michelle Korenfeld is a lifelong creativity educator, poet, author, painter and facilitator. On her blog Raising Creative Thinkers she offers parents, grandparents, teachers and educators help with making education more creative. Michelle’s original books are based on her life research and raising her own two creative thinkers. They are already teenagers, but still teach her creative thinking lessons every day. Michelle believes much of children’s aggression derives from stifled creativity. Use this book to bond with the children. Enjoy this gift of a book for keeps! Enrichment has never been more fun.


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