Beekeeping: A Personal Journey Best Sellers Rank : #5

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Most books on beekeeping describe how to perform beekeeping tasks. These books talk mostly about the mechanical parts of beekeeping. There are many beekeeping books on the market for you to choose from. You could, in most cases, remove the title from one of those books and post it on another without noticing any difference. When writing this book I wanted to blend the mechanical parts of beekeeping with the passion beekeepers feel when working with their bees. This book is written not only for the hobby beekeeper but also for the commercial beekeeper. I have, over the many years, challenged some of the long standing techniques of beekeeping and have either modified some of them or created new ones. For me, these improvements have worked better for today’s lifestyle. In this book I share some of those techniques with you along with my own philosophy about raising stronger and healthier bees without placing any chemicals or pesticides inside the hive. I hope that you enjoy reading this book and that the information teaches you how to work your bees smarter and with passion. Dennis Brown


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