Full version How to Raise Cattle: Everything You Need to Know, Updated & Revised Best Sellers

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Whether your goal is to raise one cow or to own a larger herd of dairy or beef cattle, the expert advice in this hands-on guidebook, licensed by the FFA, will tell you all you need to know.?How to Raise Cattle?guides readers through beef and dairy operations from beginning to end, sharing valuable information about facilities, enclosures, breeds, production systems, stocking guidelines, feeding, reproduction, nutrient management, husbandry, marketing, milk, and exit strategies. ?With more than 200 color photographs, the book covers conventional, sustainable, and organic farming practices to detail all aspects of cattle farming for anyone interested in raising their own herds. Easy-to-follow advice helps you to:Choose and buy the cattle suitable for youHouse and feed cattleManage your herd and keep it healthyBreed your herdDeliver and raise calvesShow cattle at fairs and club meets?This comprehensive look at the life of a cattle rancher, reviewed and approved by Dr. Clint Rusk (Purdue University Associate Professor in the Youth Development and Agriculture Education Department), will give you the tools you need to succeed in a challenging but rewarding business. With step-by-step photos, worksheets, and a list of available resources, How to Raise Cattle will help you and your cattle enjoy health and prosperity.


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