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Should you empty out the hives in the fall, or pay to keep the bees alive all winter? It depends on the current price of sugar.

How to ask for a raise at work.

1928-1977 sixteen attempts were made to establish European bee (Apis melafera) in subcontinent 8 times in Agriculture Faisalabad University, 5 times Peshawar, 2 times Sindh, and 1 time Baluchistan. Nevertheless every time all the attempts went in vain. In 1976 Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulifqar Ali Bhutto wanted Pakistan a honey producing and exporting country. In 1977 Dr. Rafiq Ahmad was appointed for the establishment of honeybee programme. He established NHBRI (National Honey Beekeeping Research Institute) at NARC (National Agriculture Research Center) Islamabad Pakistan and he find out the reason for the death of European bee in Asian Region, which was inbreeding and solved this issue. In 1986 Pakistan became 1st autonomous Asian country in honey production and export. His knowledge, Research and technologies not only helped Pakistan but also vitally assisted other Asian and Middle East countries to develop modern beekeeping industry to increase national income and economy of their nations. In Pakistan, India, China, Nepal, Srilanka, Japan, Bhutan etc every beekeeper is Student or student of his students.
Dr. Rafiq Ahmad Ex-chief scientific Officer, National Honeybee Research Institute (NHBRI), Ex-National Coordinator, and Ex-Deputy Director General, National Agriculture Research Center (NARC),Ex-entomologist, Commonwealth Institute of Biological control, South American Station, Argentina and Pakistan station Rawalpindi, Advisor (life –time), Research Board of Advisors, ABI, INT, DIV., USA ; Deputy Governor ( Lifetime), ABI Research Association, USA.

Two major Achievements by Dr.Rafiq Ahmad:
1- Saved America from Permanent loss of citrus crop by Insect Pest in first half of 1970″s by Biological Insect Pest Management (created a new insect which use to eat that pest insect and don’t damage the fruit or Plant)
2- Established Modern beekeeping vitally in Asia.
In 1992 he retired from National Honeybee Research Institute (NHBRI) Islamabad NARC Pakistan. After his retirement he founded Rafiq Honeybee Farm, Bait ul Rafiq and National Beekeeping federation, this federation consists of 52 members of Pakistani Beekeepers,
He transferred his knowledge and skills to his grandson Muhammad Hammad by continuous training of 20 years. Muhammad Hammad from his childhood started understanding honeybees, honey production and started visiting apiaries (Honeybee farm). Now Mr. Muhammad Hammad had launched new organization Dr. Rafiq Apiaries Pvt Ltd. Onward he will deal in honey for export and home market.
All the honeys are harvested by modern scientific strict methods (Additives, Preservatives, Insecticide, Pesticide, Honeybees medicine FREE) by the progressive beekeepers of National Beekeeping Federation (Dr. Rafiq Apiaries Pvt Ltd.) and are of excellent quality. 0345-5043381. www.drapiaries.com

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This is a video of me, Tasselfoot, beating Greg Weir’s new game How To Raise A Dragon with my shiny and sassy and sexy pink dragon.

I’m sure there are 10 other ways to beat this game… but this is the way I chose. It seemed the fastest of the different ones I explored.

Game: http://armorgames.com/play/4046/how-to-raise-a-dragon