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Info from Licensor: “In 1993, Mersin Erdelmli hired two beekeepers to get to know about this trade. It took me a long time to learn this from him and soon I became a bee dealer but I did not go professionally, as this hobby has always given me very good feelings. The benefits that nature provides is amazing and shows that the bees are doing their tasks perfectly.”

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Please pass along this very important message to all beekeepers. This is a subject that no one talks about and it’s extremely crucial to the survival of your honey bees. make sure your honey bees have plenty pollen, pollen patty, or ultra bee, or bee pro. and sugar water. If you feed pollen patties, only put a small amount. dont forget to click on the like button please don’t forget to subscribe and please don’t forget to pass these videos on to anyone that you know that is interested in beekeeping.

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Free beekeeping tools are part of the geocache treasures left by Yappy Beeman and 628DirtRooster but we didn’t leave anything of any great value. The secret item I left is one that anyone who watches this channel regularly would recognize and I didn’t want to give the secret away because then anyone could claim they found it and we’d never really know. Now if they do find it they have solid proof.

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It’s been 3 1/2 weeks since my bees arrived and I’m doing a quick hive check before we get some bad weather. The check will include replenishing sugar syrup, observing comb building, spotting queen or signs of eggs, and expanding the hive with an additional brood box.

Welcome to my first year of keeping bees, where I plan to learn everything I can about raising pollinators and maybe get some honey in the process.

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