honey bees

Harvesting Honey from Giant dangerous and waving himalayan honey bees

Bees are in danger again, they are exposed to many chemicals and pesticide that are slowly affecting our entire ecosystem.

Research has shown that Honey Bees both carry transport pollen between plants and bring it back to their hive for food. These balls of pollen are referred to as “pollen pellets.” According to sciencemag.org, “pollen pellets”… include nectar and can account for 30% of a bee’s weight, hang off their hind legs like overstuffed saddlebags… Long hairs on the bees’ legs helped hold the pollen pellets in place as the animals flew.

Bee infestation: A 12-foot-long honey bees’ beehive was discovered in an Ogden Valley cabin. Cabin owner Paul Bertagnolli usually left the bees alone, but became concerned when he discovered several inside the cabin. Unwilling to harm the bees, he hired Vic Bachman to remove the hive. Bachman and his partner discovered a beehive measuring 12 feet long, four feet wide and 16 inches deep that contained roughly 60,000 bees, in total weighing about 15 pounds.


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