how to raise bees

Discussion about wild honey and pollen and how to purchase wild honey products to support a wild bee sanctuary. Also, check what are the process to remove bee colony from tree.

Bees are an endangered species. For many years, the bad news has been spreading like wildfire. And the stakes are high: without bees acting as natural pollinators, one-third of our food supply could disappear. A growing number of documentaries and articles about the issue indicate that the countdown has begun. But is the onslaught of these crucial insects unavoidable? If banning pesticides worldwide is beyond any one person’s control, the Zurich-based startup Wildbiene + Partner gives each one of us the possibility to make a simple gesture for the survival of the bees. By setting up a mason bee nest on a balcony or in a garden, anyone can become a breeder and provide bees with a place to reproduce.
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Need a strange fact for around the dinner table? Why not try this one: Thanks to their extraordinary sense of smell and fast training, bees can be a serious alternative for explosive detection.

Everyone! Please, do not worry about the critically endangered bees. Scientists have a plan for replacing them: robot bees. Or as they would like to be known, ‘Robo Bees‘. Which is great and reassuring news, because bee hotels are probably not going to keep the au naturale bees from dying out. Let’s hope robot bees …

The honey bees are in trouble and Gumby jumps to the rescue

The wax that makes Burt’s Bees lip balm has to journey half way around the world before it helps your chapped lips.

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