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marauding bees steal another colony’s honey
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I set out to see what it will take to feed honeybees with sugar beets and end up making the worlds worst taffy.

I’m explaining how I bait and set honey bee swarm lure boxes and use lemon grass oil as an attractant scent.
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How to create Sugar (or Candy) Boards for honeybees. These sugar boards are given to the beehives in the fall as an addtional souce of food during the cold winter months. Some refer to these lids or other styles of sugar boards as ‘bee insurance’.

In 2015 the bees are still dying in masses. Which at first seems not very important until you realize that one third of all food humans consume would disappear with them. Millions could starve. The foes bees face are truly horrifying – some are a direct consequence of human greed. We need to help our small buzzing friends or we will face extremely unpleasant consequences.


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The death of bees explained – Colony Collapse disorder

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Learn the basics of honey production in honey bee hives, and watch three pounds of honey bees get dumped into their new home. Plus, Claire fangirls about bees.

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