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I put the packages of bees that I ordered into their boxes.\r
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Beekeeping is my passion. After making a split how is the best way to help it along. Feeding it will help only temporarily because you have lost many of your foragers from the move. Hi, Im certified master beekeeper David Burns. Let me show you a cool way to fuel up a new split and gain some more foragers. Visit our website at: And Please Subscribe!!

See our post with all the items used to raise these ducks? Click this link:\r
This video is almost an hour of raising ducks from a few days old until 6 months old. (Part 2 of 2). I go through everything from having a water container to keep the brooder cleaner to building a duck coop outside using hardware cloth and tarps. Through it all, I really enjoyed raising ducks, although they are really loud, really loud!! In the future I will probably raise some Muscovy ducks which make no sounds. If you want to order the same products I used in this video, click on our blog post.\r
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Flowers and bees communicate with each other by using electrical fields, scientists revealed for the first time. Experts believe blooms give out electrical signals to attract bumblebees to their pollen – with their charge changing to warn others when their nectar is low. Previously, it was thought that flowers used bright colours, patterns and enticing fragrances to attract their pollinators. But new research shows the flowers also use electrical signals which work in concert with their physical attributes – enhancing their advertising power to bees.

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Part 1 – In this video we prepare our bee hive for removal of the honey. The crown board must be placed below the supers with Porter Bee Escapes. These escapes allow the bees to leave the supers and enter the brood box, but not go back up into the supers. If these are successful the supers will be free of bees and can be taken away to harvest the honey. The hive has not been opened for over 2 years and we have a very ive colony. The last time I opened up the hive the bees were very aggressive.

BEES MAKE HONEY Trailer (2018)