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I can think of eight or ten ways to make money with beekeeping right off the top of my head. Some are more profitable than others but anything helps when you have the expense of a hobby that can become somewhat consuming. Some beekeeping equipment can be kind of expensive. In this video I just touch on one way to make a little part time money with beekeeping.

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Michael Bush talks about beekeeping practices using minimum effort for healthier bees with Shenandoah Valley Beekeepers Association members and guest.

In this Beekeeping for beginners on Artificial Swarm creation. You will get quite a lot of info in an easy to understand manner by Tim, the inventor of the Rose Hive Beekeeping method

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I was keen to show off my full frames of honey plus my NEW BOXES!!!

How to save the bees
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Bees wax (mind your own) Steve’s auto shows how to inject bee’s wax into your leaf springs
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Como criar Abejas: Apicultura. Beekeeping: How to raise bees

July 1/11 Senga’s Vlog How To Raise Mason Bees

an old time bee keeper shows how queen bees can be raised

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Home of the Gardening Gourmets – watch our TV pilot called the Garden Gourmets ( and tell us what you think!

It is the end of June in Vancouver and our Mason Bees are still busy pollinating and laying eggs in their houses for the next generation of Mason Bees. Mason Bees are super pollinators in early spring as they can fly in colder, wetter weather than our honey bees. This makes them invaluable for pollinating fruit trees which bloom in April and May. Also Mason Bees do not have the dreaded Varroa mite that are killing the world’s bee colonies. Also they are easy keepers , gentle and make great pets that can coexist very well with children and pets.

Watch my vlog to see how to bring Mason Bees into your garden